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The Vibrant Color Varieties of Female Betta Fish
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The Vibrant Color Varieties of Female Betta Fish

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When it comes to betta fish, males are the more popular sex. Their long, flowing tails and bright colors are what come to mind when most people think of a betta fish, but that isn't really fair to the female of the species. Female bettas may not be as flashy, but they are just as beautiful as their male counterparts.


White platinum half-moon betta

female half moon zygotehasnobrain / Getty Images

Half-moon bettas are one of the most popular varieties. Their tails are D-shaped and though the male's tail is much larger and more prominent, the female also exhibits this characteristic. Colorful bettas are often sought after and seen as being more attractive, but this white platinum female is a beautiful example of why sometimes less is more.


Hellboy half-moon betta

hellboy female betta zygotehasnobrain / Getty Images

The Hellboy half-moon betta is named after the comic book character that shares similar coloration. Hellboy bettas typically have a combination of five or more colors. Though bright red is the most prominent color on males, females are just as gorgeous, with colors ranging from red to orange to copper. They can be a solid color but sometimes have light and dark spots, too.


Koi betta galaxy female

koi galaxy betta surachetkhamsuk / Getty Images

Koi bettas are named for their resemblance to koi fish as the two types share the same marble coloring. The koi galaxy betta is one of the most eye-catching female betta varieties out there. The mix of blues, pinks, purples, and opal-like white looks like a faraway galaxy and is even more gorgeous when it catches the light.


Wild alien betta

wild alien betta zygotehasnobrain / Getty Images

A female alien betta has full scales on the head, cheeks, and body with a half-moon tail. Coloring varies, but these fish usually have stripes on the body and dots on the fins. Males are brighter than females, but the small details like stripes and an iridescent shimmer give the females a look all their own.


Half-moon black samurai

half moon black samurai zygotehasnobrain / Getty Images

Black samurai bettas are a sought after type of betta as hobbyists love their high-grade coloration and the contrast of white and dark colors. Plus, their scales have a metallic finish that adds even more flair. As usual, male bettas are more flashy, but this variety is so distinctive, the females are just as stunning and unique. This female betta variety will stand out in any tank.


Half-moon gold betta

half moon gold betta pusit771 / Getty Images

Another variety of half-moon betta is the gold or platinum type. This fish has the same D-shaped fins and is usually a single color. Females vary slightly and can be cream, rose gold, platinum, or pale yellow, to name a few. In the right light, they have a golden shimmer that covers their bodies and fins.


Fancy koi bettas

fancy koi bettas Pantherius / Getty Images

Fancy koi bettas have the same marbled appearance as other koi bettas and get their name from the number of colors in the marbling. This variety has three or more colors. The pattern of marbling is also inconsistent and varies from fish to fish, with some having a solid head color with more marbling on the body and others marbled from head to tail.


Double-tail silver betta

Double tail silver betta kazakovmaksim / Getty Images

Double tail bettas have tail fins that are B-shaped. The male's tail is much more pronounced than the female's, but the female has a distinctive look that sets her apart from other betta varieties. Double-tails come in a range of colors, including silver and olive with red accents around the edge of the tail fins.


Pink and blue half-moon betta

pink blue half moon nelic / Getty Images

Female bettas have a reputation for being less fancy than their male counterparts, but some females are so colorful that you might have to look twice to determine if they're male or female. Each betta is different, and you may see bright coloring on some females, including eye-catching shades of pink, blue, and purple.


Blue crown tail betta

blue crown tail Mirko_Rosenau / Getty Images

Crown tail bettas are named for the shape of their tails and fins, which have less webbing than other varieties and take on a spiky or crown-like shape. This is extremely prominent in males but is also a distinctive feature in females. Crown tail bettas come in a variety of colors, including blue, red, and yellow.


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