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Top Dog Names For Your Canine Companion

Top Dog Names For Your Canine Companion

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Are you welcoming a new furry friend into your home and looking for the perfect name for them? Look no further! Here are 15 of the top dog names of 2023, each accompanied by a description of the sort of personality that might go with it. Let's dive in!


Luna, the mysterious one

If your dog has a certain mystique or loves to come alive during the late-night hours, Luna could be the perfect name. Luna, Latin for moon, is a name that's been popular for our canine companions in recent years. It's a beautiful name for a dog with a soft, gentle personality or a silvery coat​​.

Border collie dog lying on the couch Ksenia Raykova / Getty Images


Charlie, the friendly one

Charlie is a name that just screams friendliness. This is the name for a dog who loves everyone they meet, wagging their tail wildly at the mere sight of a human. Known for their sociability, Charlies are always up for a cuddle on the couch or a run in the park​​.

A Jack Russell running in a park Brighton Dog Photography / Getty Images


Bella, the beautiful one

Bella, meaning beautiful in Italian, is a perfect name for a dog that carries itself with grace and elegance. Bellas are known for their striking looks, of course, but they also often have a gentle, loving temperament that makes them irresistibly charming​​.

Cavashon puppy Lee Thompson / Getty Images


Daisy, the cheerful one

Is there anything happier than a daisy? If your dog is always upbeat, always wagging, and has an infectious joy for life, Daisy could be the perfect name. Daisies are known for their sunny dispositions and their ability to lift the spirits of everyone around them​.

adorable welsh corgi pembroke on green lawn at home LightFieldStudios / Getty Images


Milo, the energetic one

The name Milo might bring to mind a dog that's always ready for the next adventure. Whether it's a walk in the park, a game of fetch, or a new training trick, Milos are always on the move. Their energy and playful nature can be infectious, making them a fun and exciting companion​​.

Handsome Young Boy Plays Soccer with Happy Golden Retriever Dog at the Backyard Lawn. He Plays Football and Has Lots of Fun with His Loyal Doggy Friend. gorodenkoff / Getty Images


Lucy, the affectionate one

If your dog loves nothing more than a good cuddle and always wants to be by your side, consider the name Lucy. Lucys are often dogs that form strong bonds with their families and provide constant companionship. The name Lucy suggests a dog that is loving and loyal, always there to comfort you on a bad day.

woman cuddling with dog PeopleImages / Getty Images


Cooper, the reliable one

If your dog is steadfast, reliable, and always there for you, Cooper could be the ideal name. Coopers are known for their consistency and loyalty. They're the type of dog that will always be there by your side, whether you're going on a long hike or simply chilling at home​​.

dog and owner smiling Bobex-73 / Getty Images


Teddy, the cuddly one

If your dog is your ultimate cuddle buddy, consider the name Teddy. Just like a teddy bear, these dogs are perfect for snuggling with. They're often dogs with a lot of fur and a lot of love to give. They provide comfort just by being around, making them perfect for anyone who needs a bit of warmth in their life​.

Boy hugging his dog John Howard / Getty Images


Max, the protector

Max is a strong, classic name that's perfect for a dog who watches over you. These dogs are often protective, courageous, and take their role as family guardian seriously. But despite their tough exterior, Max dogs have a soft spot for their humans and show their affection in their own unique ways.

Beauceron with cropped ears Holly Hildreth / Getty Images


Bailey, the protector

Bailey, an English name meaning "bailiff" or "steward", could be a fitting name for a dog with a protective nature. Bailey is the guardian of your household, always alert and ready to protect his loved ones. His courage, combined with his loyalty, makes him a reliable protector and a dear friend.

Barking dog behind fence of house Chalabala / Getty Images


Lola, the sassy star

Lola, a Spanish name meaning "sorrows," is often given to dogs with a bit of sass and personality. Lola is the diva of the canine world, confidently strutting her stuff and demanding attention. Whether it's her unique bark or her stylish prance, Lola knows how to steal the spotlight and rule the stage.

stylish dog Adene Sanchez / Getty Images


Sophie, the wise one

Sophie, a name of Greek origin meaning "wisdom", is a perfect name for a dog who seems to have a wise soul. Sophie might be the dog who seems to understand you better than anyone else, offering comfort without judgment. Her gentle eyes and calm demeanor speak of wisdom beyond her years.

woman with his Golden Labradoodle dog reading at home LSOphoto / Getty Images


Tucker, the energetic go-getter

Tucker, an English name meaning "fabric pleater", could be a fitting name for a dog who's always full of energy. Tucker is the dog who's always ready for a game of fetch or a long walk. His boundless energy and zest for life can turn even the most mundane days into exciting adventures.

dog running Michael Milfeit / Getty Images


Rocky, the brave adventurer

Rocky, an English name often associated with strength and solidity, could be the perfect name for a dog with a brave, adventurous spirit. Rocky loves exploring new terrains, undeterred by the unknown. His brave heart and adventurous spirit make him the perfect companion for all your adventures.

Dog travel by car Chalabala / Getty Images


Nala, the courageous queen

Nala, a name popularized by the Lion King, has an African origin and is often associated with successful queens. Your Nala might be the dog who carries herself with dignity and grace. She rules your household with love and gentleness, her regal demeanor earning her the title of the courageous queen.

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