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Top Cat Names For Your New Furbaby

Top Cat Names For Your New Furbaby

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Choosing a name for your cat can be a truly delightful experience. It's a moment of bonding that allows you to express your creativity and affection for your new feline friend. And while unique names can be fun, there's something to be said for those that have stood the test of time.

Here, we present to you the top cat names of 2023 and explore the personality traits that might suit these meow-some monikers.


Oliver, for the ever-popular companion

cat on elegant blue and white chair Yelizaveta Tomashevska / Getty Images

Oliver is a name that commands respect and carries a certain degree of elegance. Perhaps your Oliver is a poised and dignified cat, who carries himself with an aristocratic air. He might be the one who loves a good petting session but also knows when to give you space. While he might not be keen on high-energy antics, he's always up for a leisurely playtime session​.


Bella, for the beautiful princess

cat sitting on couch on patio Kathrin Ziegler / Getty Images

A Bella is always the belle of the ball. Her beautiful coat and mesmerizing eyes make her the center of attention in any room. But Bella isn’t just about looks. She's a cat who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She might be the one to offer you comforting purrs after a long day and the warmest welcome when you return home. Bella is a true companion who loves with all her heart​.


Simba, for the lion-hearted explorer

Fluffy cat looking to the side on light blue background. Petra Richli / Getty Images

Named after the Swahili word for 'lion,' a cat named Simba likely has a spirit of adventure. He's the one who loves exploring every nook and cranny of your home and hunting down every moving object. He might be a tad curious, often finding himself in hilariously tricky situations. But don’t let his adventurous nature fool you; when he's done exploring, Simba loves nothing more than a good, warm cuddle​.


Chloe, for the timeless beauty

Orange and white cat looking at the window Arisara_Tongdonnoi / Getty Images

Chloe is a name that has stood the test of time, retaining its popularity over the years. A cat named Chloe might have a subtle elegance and a timeless charm. She could be the type to move with grace, her every step a dance. But Chloe isn’t just about grace and beauty; she might also have a playful side that pops up when you least expect it, making every moment with her a delightful surprise​.


Luna, for the mysterious nocturnal

Black Cat Stretches on Rug in Bedroom Grace Cary / Getty Images

Luna, the Spanish word for 'moon', is an apt name for a cat who seems to embody the mysterious beauty of the night. Luna might be the type of cat who comes alive when the sun goes down, indulging in her play and exploration under the cover of darkness. You might often find her staring out the window at the moon, her eyes reflecting its luminescent glow. But when the day breaks, Luna is all cuddles and purrs, ready for her day-long nap​.


Max, for the all-round charmer

Person Playing With the Cat Using Cat Toy miniseries / Getty Images

Max is a name that carries an undeniable charm. A cat named Max might be your quintessential charmer who knows how to win hearts with a simple purr or a cute tilt of his head. Whether it's his playful antics or his endearing affection, Max knows exactly how to make you fall in love with him every single day. With Max, every moment is filled with joy and love, making him the perfect addition to any home​.


Lucy, for the one who comes when called

Cat on a bed and feet of a person Linda Raymond / Getty Images

Lucy is a name that seems to resonate with cats. Perhaps it's the long "E" sound at the end that gets them, or maybe there's just something inherently feline about it. A Lucy might be the cat who responds to your calls, who comes trotting when she hears her name. She might enjoy socializing with her human family, always up for a play session or a cozy cuddle on the couch. Lucy might just be the perfect cat for those who love interactive and responsive felines​.


Lily, for the gentle and sweet

Woman kissing cat Rafael Elias / Getty Images

Lily, a name that's as delicate and lovely as the flower itself, might be a perfect fit for a gentle and sweet-natured cat. Lily might be the cat who prefers quiet moments and gentle petting sessions. She might be the one who finds comfort in the smallest of things, like the warm corner of a couch or the soft sound of your voice. With her calming presence, Lily might be the perfect companion for those peaceful, quiet moments at home​.


Nala, for the wise and noble

Domestic cat sitting alone on the couch Baramyou0708 / Getty Images

Named after the wise and noble lioness from The Lion King, Nala might be a cat who carries herself with a certain grace and dignity. Perhaps your Nala is an observer, one who seems to understand the world around her in ways that surprise you. She might be the type of cat who responds to your moods, offering her comforting presence when you need it the most. With her wisdom and understanding, Nala might just be the perfect friend to have by your side​.


Sophie, for the softly elegant

Shot of a beautiful young woman being affectionate with her cat at home Adene Sanchez / Getty Images

Sophie, a variation of the popular female baby name Sophia, might be a cat who embodies soft elegance. Sophie might be the type of cat who loves to lounge in the softest of beds and play with the gentlest of toys. She might have a quiet elegance about her, one that shines through in her every movement. Sophie might also have a soft purr that serves as the perfect lullaby, making her the perfect bedtime companion​.


Milo, for the adventurous movie star

cat on the move Nils Jacobi / Getty Images

Milo, a name made popular by the adventurous kitten from the movie "The Adventures of Milo and Otis," might be the perfect name for a cat with a taste for adventure. Your Milo might be the cat who loves to explore, who's always on the lookout for his next big adventure. He might be the one who brings life to your home with his playful antics and his never-ending curiosity. With Milo, you can be sure that life will never be boring.


Rocky, for the playful tough guy

Cute young tabby cat playing in a garden kelvinjay / Getty Images

Rocky, a diminutive of the Italian name Rocco, might be perfect for a tough, playful cat. Your Rocky might be the one who loves a good rough-and-tumble play session, always ready to pounce on a moving toy or chase down a rolling ball. Despite his tough exterior, he could be a softie at heart, always ready for a good cuddle once playtime is over. With Rocky, you can be sure to have a feline friend who's both tough and tender​.


Coco, for the fun and bouncy

Cats Playing in Living Room Martin Deja / Getty Images

Coco is a name that's as fun and bouncy as the cat it might represent. Your Coco could be the one who's always up for a game, her playful nature keeping you entertained. She might have a way of turning even the most mundane things into toys, her imagination only adding to her charm. With her infectious energy and her love for fun, Coco could be the perfect cat to bring a dose of happiness to your everyday life​.


Daisy, for the cheerful sun-lover

Portrait of beautiful and fluffy tri colored tabby cat at home, natural light. Evrymmnt / Getty Images

Daisy, a name that's as cheerful and sunny as the flower itself, could be perfect for a cat who loves to bask in the sun. Your Daisy might be the one who finds the warmest spot in the house, always chasing the sunbeams as they move. She might also have a cheerful disposition, her purrs and meows always bringing a smile to your face. With Daisy, you'll have a ray of sunshine in your home, no matter the weather​.


Tigger, for the energetic leaper

young man sitting on a gray sofa caresses the head of a brown tabby cat Magui-rfajardo / Getty Images

Tigger, a name inspired by the energetic character from Winnie the Pooh, might be perfect for a cat who's always on the move. Your Tigger could be the cat who loves to leap and pounce, his boundless energy keeping you on your toes. He might have a way of turning your home into his personal playground, his playful nature adding a dose of excitement to your life. With Tigger, every day could be an adventure.



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