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The Most Memorable Pets in Video Games

The Most Memorable Pets in Video Games

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Video games can transport us into a myriad of incredible worlds, and often we don't have to go it completely alone. The animal companions we discover along the way are more than just cute or cool sidekicks; they're integral to the story, gameplay, and emotional resonance of the game.

From steadfast dogs to mythical beasts, these charming NPCs capture the hearts of players worldwide. The following unforgettable animal characters in video games have profoundly impacted both gamers and the wider audience.


Epona; The Legend of Zelda

Epona, the dependable horse companion in The Legend of Zelda series, is an embodiment of trust and loyalty. First introduced in "Ocarina of Time," the moment when Link calls Epona with his Ocarina is poignant, embodying the bond between a knight and his steed.

Epona's role in traversing the vast landscapes of Hyrule makes her an unforgettable character in this legendary series.

zelda figures Ryan Quintal / Unsplash


Dogmeat; Fallout

In the post-apocalyptic world of the Fallout series, Dogmeat stands as a beacon of steadfast loyalty and companionship. This canine companion, who can sniff out items and help in combat, has been a fan favorite since his debut in the original release.

The moment when you first encounter Dogmeat, alone and in need of help, is a highlight in a game filled with dark themes, reminding us of the enduring bond between humans and dogs, even in the harshest conditions.

fallout video game Csaba Bakos / Unsplas


Palicoes; Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunter series introduces players to Palicoes, feline companions that aid hunters on their quests. These adorable yet fierce creatures can fight, gather items, and even cook meals for the player.

The moment of teaming up with your customized Palico, whether it's your first big hunt or cooking a well-deserved meal after a successful quest, provides a sense of camaraderie that's hard to forget.

Inside The Tokyo Game Show 2019 Tomohiro Ohsumi / Stringer / Getty Images


Trico; The Last Guardian

In The Last Guardian, Trico, a gigantic feathered creature, is both a protector and a puzzle to the player. The relationship between the boy and Trico evolves throughout the game, providing an emotionally charged experience.

One of the most touching moments is when the player first earns Trico's trust, a monumental step in their unique and heartfelt journey.

Fantasy Dragon and Medieval Tower 3D Illustration e71lena / Getty Images


D-Dog; Metal Gear Solid

D-Dog, or Diamond Dog, is a pet canid that belongs to the private military company, Diamond Dogs. Found as an orphaned puppy by Venom Snake during a mission, D-Dog was brought to Diamond Dogs' Mother Base, where he quickly became an integral part of the team.

With his missing right eye and the eyepatch to match his owner's, D-Dog is a memorable presence. Trained for a combat support role, he accompanies Venom Snake on missions, displaying loyalty and discipline that make him a beloved figure in the game​.

video game Curtis Berry / Unsplash


Chocobo; Final Fantasy

The Chocobo, a large avian creature characterized by yellow feathers and a distinct chirp, is the Final Fantasy series' equivalent of a horse. Domesticated for their gentle nature and quick feet, Chocobos serve as ground transportation for characters and are also used for pulling carts and carriages, and racing.

Since their introduction in Final Fantasy II, Chocobos have become a mainstay, appearing in every game of the series and adopted as something of a series mascot​.

final fantasy Curtis Berry / Getty Images


Ikaros; Assassin's Creed

Ikaros is the pet eagle and constant companion of the main character, Alexios or Kassandra, in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. With the "Eagle Bearer" title, the protagonist shares a deep bond with Ikaros, who assists the player by scouting locations, spotting enemies, and even attacking on command.

Ikaros is more than a useful game mechanic; he's a symbol of the protagonist's strength and freedom in the ancient Greek world.

An ancient knight opens an old treasure chest with gold coins. Knights ride their horses through the forest to the battlefield. 3D Rendering. designprojects / Getty Images


Pikachu; Pokemon

Even non-gamers know Pikachu, the electrically charged mascot of the Pokemon franchise. This adorable creature has charmed millions with his bright yellow fur and energetic personality. Pikachu's design is simple, yet his charm is irresistible.

Pikachu is not just a pet; he's your partner, fighting alongside you as you journey across various regions. For many players, Pikachu is a symbol of friendship and adventure, embodying the spirit of the series​​.

Pikachus Parade At Yokohama's Summer Festival Tomohiro Ohsumi / Getty Images


Cuccos; The Legend of Zelda

At first glance, these chickens might seem like harmless background details clucking around the towns of Hyrule, but don't be fooled! Mess with a Cucco, and you'll face an angry flock in return.

These feathery creatures add a dash of whimsy and a hint of danger to the game. It's this unexpected combination that makes the Cuccos a beloved, albeit slightly feared, part of the Zelda experience.

zelda Ryan Quintal / Unsplash


Daffodil; Spiritfarer

2020's Spiritfarer introduces us to Daffodil, an adorable cat who accompanies you on your journey. Daffodil is more than just a pet; she's a companion who helps you guide spirits to the afterlife.

This game is a poignant exploration of death and acceptance, and Daffodil's comforting presence provides a counterbalance to these heavy themes. Her endearing antics bring a touch of light-heartedness to the game.

friends playing computer game zeljkosantrac / Getty Images


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