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The Most Luxurious and Outrageous Pet Products

The Most Luxurious and Outrageous Pet Products

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It's no secret that people love their pets. Recent research finds that many pet owners display the same amount of devotion toward their furbabies as parents to their human children. With the rise of "pet parents", there is increased demand for unique products. Owners will spend countless hours searching for the perfect Christmas gift for their beloved pet, but sometimes a simple ball is just not enough.

Manufacturers have certainly answered this quirky call: from beer for dogs to butt covers, there are some truly outrageous products on the market.


Dog life jacket with a mermaid tail

French bulldog animal is doing excercise in the morning. teerawut111 / Getty Images

Kids love to pretend to be mermaids when they swim; now their furry friends can match. These adjustable life vests come in a variety of colors and offer lifesaving support to pooches on vacation. The convenient top handle allows the dog to be lifted out of the water with ease, and the mermaid tail will have even the most stoic beach-goer smiling at the whimsy.


Pet sling

A woman walks with a dog in a backpack. A close-up portrait of a Continental Pappilion Spaniel in a sling. inside-studio / Getty Images

It's common to see parents carrying their newborn babies in a sling as they shop or walk, and now dog parents can join in on the trend. Typically made of a durable cotton or linen material, these slings are worn over the should and allow dogs to be worn forward- or rear-facing. Slings are considered best for small puppies or elderly dogs.


Beer for dogs

Dog Licking A Beer Glass Javier Zayas Photography / Getty Images

Alcohol is toxic to dogs, but several companies have developed special "dog brews" so owners can enjoy a cold one with their furry pal. These "beers" are typically made of savory broths or meat liquids and are sold in glass bottles to look like beer. Retailers carry them in six-packs in a variety of flavors.


Butt cover

Happy dog wearing pink warm knitted sweater playing at fine fall (autumn) day alexei_tm / Getty Images

Dogs have no shame, but some owners don't enjoy looking at their furry friend's little behind...region. Butt covers for dogs and cats come in a variety of styles. Some offer incontinence support and cover the entire behind like a diaper. Other more edgy styles are small pendants that hang from the base of a pet's tale to cover the less aesthetic part of the bum.

These butt hole-covering pendants come in designs like flowers or smiley faces, so anyone who's concerned can say goodbye to Mr. Brown Eye.


Dog treadmill

Cute Pug dog running on dog treadmill for exercise diet and healthy,Dog fitness training Jomkwan / Getty Images

Perfect for cold winter days, dog treadmills allow active pups to enjoy a long run, even when it's freezing outside. Recommended by veterinarians for dogs who live in extreme climates or with older owners, dog treadmills are safe and effective for exercise. Dogs are strapped into the machine, and high sides guarantee that dogs remain safe as they enjoy their run.


Bubble window

curious cat looking in from a meshed window Ranjit Talwar / Getty Images

Dogs who love watching squirrels will love a bubble window. Like bay windows for humans, these windows accommodate the unique shape of a dog's face and jut out from the side of the house to allow dogs a better view of the outdoors. These windows are easy to install and can also be placed in privacy fences (with a neighbor's permission) so that dogs can socialize with their friends.


Pet cologne

Yorkshire terrier is being groomed Zinkevych / Getty Images

Do you have a smelly pet with no time for a bath? With a large variety of scents available, dogs can now smell as fresh as their owners in a pinch. If scents are undesirable, companies also offer effective unscented deodorizers. Colognes are safe to use on pets as long as they are just a fallback for busy days and contain no harsh chemicals.


Robotic fetch

Dog playing with robot ball launcher. Funny dog chasing ball on green grass alexei_tm / Getty Images

Some dogs will play fetch for hours, and even the most loving owners cannot commit to outlasting their pup. A clever company has come up with a solution for that problem—robotic fetch. This machine may take your dog a few minutes to understand, but soon the pup will be off and running.

The machine tosses balls up to 30 feet, and dogs can place fetched balls in the open container to be thrown again.


Dog goggles

Dog Riding in Car Purple Collar Pet Photography / Getty Images

Many dog breeds love to swim, but water in the eyes is a pesky problem for even the most avid canine swimmer, especially in the ocean. Dog goggles help keep their eyes dry but also allow them to see underwear and explore. Other styles of goggles help keep the wind out of canine's eyes as they ride along in a car or motorcycle. Some even boost polarization to protect from UV rays.


Pet hoodie

Man holding a puppy dog Sally Anscombe / Getty Images

Designed for small breeds of dogs or puppies, a pet hoodie acts as a kangaroo pouch for dogs. These hoodies are often fleece-lined and offer buttons or zippers to keep pets safe. Sizing is based on the owner's measurements, and the pocket may not accommodate all dog breeds.

If owners are looking to keep their medium- to large-sized dogs warm this winter, many retailers sell sweaters in a variety of sizes specifically designed for four-legged friends.


Pet stroller

Small dog on a stroller for children. EUY8KL / Getty Images

Ever increasing in popularity, dog strollers help small or aging canines see the world. These strollers boast flat bottoms and safety buckles that allow dogs to rest comfortably as their owners walk them around. Many strollers can be equipped with special features, such as turf bottoms, to maximize comfort and luxury.


Treat launcher

German shepherd with open mouth on a black background. The dog catches dry food. Snizhana Galytska / Getty Images

Treat launchers help train dogs to jump or perform tricks. With mechanisms similar to the robotic fetch, this hand-help device can launch treats up to eight feet. For parties, a sprinkler-style launcher may be a fun option to try.


Dog nail polish

Little girl doing her dog's nails Primorac91 / Getty Images

Perfect for after a nail clipping, dog nail polish offers a lustrous look for polished pups. Nail polish for dogs comes in a variety of colors, and all ingredients are pet-safe. There are even some salons that offer paw massages and pedicure services for dogs and their owners.


Cat sunglasses

Closeup portrait of funny ginger cat wearing sunglasses isolated on light cyan. Copyspace. Mark_KA / Getty Images

While cats don't need goggles, a new line of sunglasses offers chic looks for feline friends. These glasses offer protection for outdoor cats through polarized and shatterproof lenses. However, it remains to be seen how many cats will actually keep them on.


Bath lick pads

dog in bathtub smrm1977 / Getty Images

The secret to getting a dog to enjoy their bath? Try offering a bath lick pad. These silicone lick pads suction to the shower wall, and a smear of peanut butter entices the dog to remain still for their bath. Easy to clean, these pads can be used again and again. Some lick pads offer a rough chew surface that doubles as a tooth cleaner.



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