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Preparing for Pet-Allergic Guests: 10 Steps

Preparing for Pet-Allergic Guests: 10 Steps

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Are your pets making it difficult for you to have house guests? If so, you're not alone! Cleaning before guests arrive can feel like a chore for many homeowners, especially if they have furry friends. Thankfully, whether you've got cats, dogs, or any other type of pet — there are easy solutions that will make sure everyone can enjoy their time together without fear of a sneezing fit. 


Brush your pets frequently

Furry friends shed fur, and pet dander can trigger allergies in some people, so consistently brushing and bathing them can help keep everyone in your home happy and healthy. This is why brushing your pets should be just as much a part of your regular routine as vacuuming your carpet. Not only will this help keep them looking gorgeous and healthy, but it also helps to decrease the number of allergen particles that find their way into the air and on our furniture. 

Woman combs a dozing cat's fur. Ginger cat's head lies on woman hand. Aksenovko/ Getty Images


2. Use air purifiers

Use an air purifier to keep your home allergen-free and dander at bay. The air purifier works its miracle by trapping pet hair in the filter, leaving you to relax and enjoy your company's visit. Plus, using an air purifier isn't a huge hassle — it can just run quietly in the background while you enjoy good company without any worry. Be sure to change the filter regularly to ensure it's able to filter the air efficiently.

Woman setting up the intelligent home system on a digital tablet. ArtistGNDphotography/ Getty Images


3. Open the windows

A delightful breeze can do much more than cool you off on a sweltering day. It turns out open windows are not only refreshing but could help improve your indoor air quality, too! By allowing proper ventilation in your home, you'll be removing pet dander and other allergens that can build up over time, leaving your home feeling fresher and much more allergy-friendly. So open those windows and catch the breeze whenever you can. 

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4. Keep one room pet-free

To ease the discomfort of pet allergies while hosting guests, it's a smart idea to create a pet-free room in your house. Whether it's your guest bedroom or merely any room that you designate as pet-free, having this space will let guests feel more at ease and less anxious about braving your home at the cost of a full-on allergy attack.

A cute gray cat sits on the windowsill and looks out the window watching the birds fly. Ivan Zhaborovskiy/ Getty Images


5. Roll up your rugs

As a host, it pays off to roll up your rugs when you're expecting guests with pet allergies. Your rugs will be full of pet dander, and this small gesture can help minimize your guests' exposure to the allergens from your pet so they can enjoy the stay — no runny noses or sneezing involved! To be extra considerate, you could vacuum all your floors before they arrive with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner.

 woman laying on floor with dog Blend Images - LWA/Dann Tardif/ Getty Images


6. Vacuum your furniture

While you're vacuuming the floors, don't forget to vacuum your furniture too! Not only does a good vacuum remove the messes our furry friends leave behind, but it also can pick up hidden allergens that our pets spread in the house. The key to success here? Equip yourself with the right vacuum. You should look for one that will go deep and get the dust balls and pet hairs out of every nook and cranny. 

Cleaning, pets, red cat lying on the bed and close-up of a vacuum cleaner brush on the bed Valeriy_G/ Getty Images


7. Declutter your home

We often think of decluttering our homes as a way to make the space look more aesthetically pleasing, but it can also serve a functional purpose. With decluttering comes fewer places for pet dander and allergens to hide, allowing for a decrease in their presence. Doing a deep cleaning of floors, carpets, and upholstery can make a world of difference. While you may love all those throw pillows, sometimes fewer is more when it comes to keeping your air clean.

Front view portrait of cute shaggy dog lying on carpet in modern home and looking at camera, SeventyFour/ Getty Images


8. Wash your clothes

Not letting the laundry build up in the hamper isn't just about getting rid of dirt — it helps keep allergies away too! If you frequently cuddle with your pet, wash whatever garments you were wearing in warm water to get rid of any lingering dander. Likewise, if someone with pet allergies is planning on staying over, be sure to offer them freshly washed sheets to sleep on.

 woman in her 20s folds laundry on the living room floor while her adorable dog keeps her company FatCamera/ Getty Images


9. Clean the crevices

Keeping the crevices clean in your home is a critical part of making sure pet dander isn't unwittingly gathering in unexpected places. Be sure to clean areas such as baseboards, inside cupboards, and other out-of-sight spaces where dust bunnies might be hiding. Just be sure not to use a dry cloth or duster here, as that throws the dander into the air.

Side view of senior woman in checkered shirt cleaning window with pink dust towel and ginger cat lying down on windowsill. Olena Ruban/ Getty Images


10. Store some allergy medicine

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to clean every surface of your home, if you have pets, there'll be some traces of pet dander in the air. If you want to ensure your guests have an enjoyable stay, stock up on allergy medicine. Not only is this a necessity for someone who has pet allergies, but it'll also show your guests how much you care about their comfort. Whether it's antihistamines or eye drops, your guests will rest assured knowing you have their backs against allergens that may linger in the air.

 Woman using nasal drops against seasonal allergy and taking pills at home sitting on couch with cat. Maryviolet/ Getty Images


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