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Popular Pups to Follow on Instagram

Popular Pups to Follow on Instagram

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Why follow a celebrity, an influencer, or a model when you could follow a dog that is all 3 rolled into one? With the rise of social media accounts for pets, dogs are getting their fair share of the limelight. From quirky to cute, there are plenty of Insta-famous pups ready to fill your feed.



Tuna's overbite endears him to millions, and he is one of the very first Instagram dogs to achieve social media fame. He's dressed up as Scooby-Doo, a blue shark, Kurt Cobain, a university graduate, and Mr. Burns from "The Simpsons." Tuna regularly receives fan art from his faithful followers; one fan even got a tattoo of Tuna's face on his arm!



Maya is a deliciously chubby white dog with more fluff than a woolly sheep. Maya has 1.9 million Instagram followers to date, regularly releases YouTube videos and photographs that inspire memes. Maya is the happiest little thing you've ever seen and is sure to melt the hearts of anybody who stumbles across her Instagram account.



If Aspen the Mountain Pup had one of those scratch-off maps, most of it would be scratched by now. Aspen is a mountain-trekking, canoe-steering, hat-wearing golden retriever. He loves beaches, wide-open spaces, mountains, lakes, rivers, fields, and anything nature-related.



Hailing from the white beaches of Rio de Janeiro, @django_and_chloe can be found frolicking in France, adventuring through Austria and prowling Portugal. They've been through more states and countries than some people.



King Kingsley is one to watch. Pictured lying in silk pajamas and having a snooze, this King won't get out of bed for just anybody. Kinglsey is a mini longhair dachshund, and he tantalizes his followers with tease photographs of luxury goods.



Maya is another little long-haired dachshund who enjoys the luxury life of fresh flowers, silk ties, aesthetically-pleasing rooftop terraces for lunch, and only the best designer doggy-wear. Maya is also a CEO of her own company, has beautiful pastel stories on Instagram available for your perusal, and is often pictured with her carefully managed squad of dogs.



Bodhi is the James Dean of dogs, that sixties bad guy with classic style and the perfectly combed quiff. Bodhi has just over 401 thousand followers and is often pictured in trendy glasses and stylish European clothes. Bodhi is the natural fashion icon that all dog lovers should follow.



There are plenty of Pomeranian dogs to follow, as they're a breed that's just getting more and more popular, but one of the biggest ones on social media is Jiff. His little squishy face will have you pressing that "like" button on every photograph, and re-watching stories of him eating ice-cream.



Marnie has sadly passed away, but her Instagram is still updated with new followers flocking to view her story. One of the greatest dogs to ever grace the front pages of Instagram, Marnie's story will brighten your feed. Whether she's sitting in a filing cabinet drawer with her signature tongue pose, or at lunch with another canine friend, Marnie will be sure to steal your heart.



Kler is the cutest tough dog you ever did see. She has a mix of black and brown fur, and one of her favorite pastimes is lazing in the sun with a pair of sunglasses on. Kler likes posing, woofing, barking, and strolling.


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