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Pet Fashion to Inspire Your Furry Friend’s Next Outfit

Pet Fashion to Inspire Your Furry Friend’s Next Outfit

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The COVID pandemic furthered a trend that was already becoming apparent in recent years. Millennials and Gen Zs are prone to anthropomorphism of their pets. They treat their dogs, cats, and rabbits not as household animals but as family members. This has extended to having a clothing budget for these pets. Halloween is a time to really show off, but with pets getting their own social media accounts, every day is a good day to dress up. We've curated some of the best examples of pet fashion on the internet for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


Straight out of the pages of Dogue

Ooh La La! Dog model Maisie over here is doing Coco Chanel proud with her black-and-white palette. Look at that bow and the bling on those shades and accessories. How about those ruffles—tres chic. Like a true fashionista, this Yorkie pulls off this ensemble, looks absolutely pawgeous, and clearly knows how to work a camera.


Ready for the Pet Gala

Tika the Iggy is one of the world's biggest dogfluencers, with over one million followers on Instagram. She's a hot property, and she knows it. Here, the Italian greyhound poses for her 12th birthday portrait in an extravagant, more-is-more cotton candy gown that would not look out of place at the Met, sorry, Pet Gala.


Doggy Wears Prada

Boobie Billie is another dogfluencer with a rabid following. She's an Italian greyhound and chihuahua mix and has swag for days. Check her out in this bad-girl Devil Wears Prada outfit complete with white sneakers. It's giving Lil Nas Montero vibes, and we're living for it. We can almost hear her barking like Anna Wintour.


Lei it on me

Next, we have sweet cutie pie Sinnamon. Sinnamon is a miniature pinscher who showed up to the vet in festive garb. What was the occasion? It was May Day, which is Lei Day in Hawaii. The one-year-old cutie is wreathed to perfection and looks as happy as can be about the holiday.


A Frenchie fantasy

This French bulldog is sending us with its unicorn get-up. From the silver horn to the wings and the tie-dye accents, Tala sure knows how to make an impression. We love the fun rainbow colors, and imagining this snub-nosed little lady running away on her short legs and taking off into the skies is hilarious.


Rock and troll

Ichabod the Sphynx gives us life with his wrinkly, deadpan expressions and too-cool-for-school approach to life. Here, the naked cat is part Treasure Troll doll, part Grinch that stole Christmas. Seeing Ichabod pose with his buddy Max will get the giggles going. Ichabod has also done a good mac n' cheese, Wonder Woman, and Salvador Dali, to name a few.


Oh baby baby

Few things have made us burst into fits of laughter more than the clip of Kiska, the Siberian Husky, trotting toward the camera, looking like Britney Spears in the "Hit Me Baby One More Time" music video. Kiska lives in Southern California with Koda, another husky, and her owners, and their feed will put hearts in your eyes.


Incredible Hulk

This pooch won a local Halloween contest's Spookiest Costume category with this very convincing take on the Hulk. Because, of course, brawn is only one part of Dr. Bruce Banner's story. The green coloring and fearsome countenance are the other. Here, it's not a ready-made costume that wows, but the dog-friendly green hair dye.


Glamorous grans

Are you a Shih Tzu fan? You're gonna love this duo from New York City. Whether they're looking dapper in detective gear and bowties or serving matching collared shirt looks, they're always bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. You may even spot them in Central Park if you're out for a stroll. Here, their old couple slash grandma and grandpa costume is 10 out of 10.



Cookie Monster is a favorite Sesame Street character in these parts, so we're partial to a Cookie Monster costume, even if it's not the most original. Sometimes you just need a simple store-bought option to enjoy Halloween or a fancy dress pawty. Rescue dog Banner looks so earnest in this snap.


Why so serious?

There's no question about it; we had to include a bunny in this assortment of adorable images. And rabbits don't get cuter than Lemon the Lop, AKA Lord Lemon. This command-trained floppy-eared bunny provides some major aww-inducing eye candy. How can you resist the dark side when the Joker, villain extraordinaire, looks like this squishable bundle of joy?


Bad Bunny

Luckily, there are more bunnies out there to obsess over. This Netherland Dwarf has us in stitches with its looks. There are cutesy Little Bo Beep shots and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, hardcore pics like this thugged-out beanie situation. We're lapping up the monochromatic black and gangsta rapper aesthetic.


Bollywood calling

Beera dressed formally in a sherwani for his mom's nuptials. This little guy looks so handsome in traditional Indian attire we think he should be cast in the next blockbuster to come out of Mumbai. Cop the close-eyed, meditative aura amid chaotic wedding energy. Let's get a round of applause for Beera, people.


Hello, Mrs Doutbfire

We all know the kind of reputation pit bulls and Staffordshire terriers have. The pocket bully is a hybrid breed, so you'd think we'd still be in slightly scary territory. Not so. We have no words, absolutely nada, for how adorkable Saya Sugarbutt is in this picture. Between the bow, baubles, and apples, we are done for.


All hail the Queen

Mill is a stunning Devon Rex with a regal disposition. She hopes to oust King Charles of England from the throne; we reckon she can do it. Once she overthrows the monarchy, she'll elevate cats to an even loftier position than the one they currently occupy as bosses of their various households. Cue the bow and curtsy.


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