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Most Popular Cat Names in 20 Countries

Most Popular Cat Names in 20 Countries

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There is a delightful variety in cat names around the world, influenced by various factors such as local language, culture, and popular trends. As a fascinating reflection of global diversity, we've gathered the most popular cat names in 20 different countries. Come on an earth-wide journey with us to explore these monikers. Who knows, you might be inspired for your next pet!


Luna: United States

In the United States, "Luna" takes the crown as the most popular cat name. This name, originating from Latin, refers to the moon. Perhaps the mystery and allure associated with the moon draw people to this celestial name. Interestingly, Luna is also a prominent character in J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series, which could contribute to its popularity.

The grey striped cat is resting patriotically on the star-striped American flag. A Celebration Of America iamzhem / Getty Images


Poppy: United Kingdom

Over in the United Kingdom, "Poppy" is the preferred choice for feline companions. A poppy is a bright, colorful flower, often symbolizing remembrance and consolation in time of death. It's a cheerful yet poignant name for a pet. Besides, it might be no coincidence that Poppy is a popular character in the "Trolls" movie franchise, which could have influenced its choice.

Orange and white cat looking at the window Arisara_Tongdonnoi / Getty Images


Bella: Australia

"Australia's favourite cat name is "Bella," which translates to "beautiful" in Italian. Australians may be drawn to this name for its simple, elegant ring and the affectionate sentiment it conveys. Bella is also a well-known character from the "Twilight" series, potentially contributing to its widespread use.

Ragdoll Kitten sitting relaxed in wool bed. Alex Walker / Getty Images


Smokey: Canada

In Canada, "Smokey" is the top cat name. Possibly inspired by the smoky gray fur common in many cat breeds, this name carries an air of mystery. It's also a charming nod to Smokey Bear, a symbol of forest fire prevention in North America.

Insolent assertive cat walks on the kitchen table. Stylish kitchen in brown tones. Naughty cat on the table. Gorgeous sleek domestic cat. Kseniya Ovchinnikova / Getty Images


Minou: France

"Minou," a French colloquial term for 'kitten,' is the most popular cat name in France. This name is beloved for its tenderness, and it mirrors the fondness French people hold for their furry companions. If you ever find yourself in a French home, don't be surprised to hear calls of "Minou!"

Anonymous Person Playing With the Cat Using Cat Toy miniseries / Getty Images


Mieze: Germany

In Germany, "Mieze" is a favorite name for cats. Mieze is an endearing term for a cat in German, similar to 'kitty' in English. Its use as a name underlines the affectionate relationship Germans share with their feline friends.

Bengal cat in the bed room with child girl LSOphoto / Getty Images


Barsik: Russia

In Russia, "Barsik" reigns as the most popular cat name. Barsik, a diminutive of 'bars,' which means 'leopard' in Tatar and Bashkir, suggests a playful nod to the larger feline species. It's an adorable choice that embodies both the independence and the cuddly nature of domestic cats.

Funny Fat Cat Sitting in the Kitchen aetb / Getty Images


Mia: Brazil

In Brazil, "Mia" is the name often given to cats. This name has multiple origins, but in this context, it likely references the common onomatopoeic sound cats make: "miau." It's a simple, sweet name that resonates with the affection Brazilians have for their pets.

Beautiful Maine Coon cat on the sofa Kathrin Ziegler / Getty Images


Tama: Japan

In Japan, the most popular cat name is "Tama." This name, which means 'ball' in Japanese, might reflect the round, compact shape many cats assume while napping. Additionally, Tama is the name of a famous cat who was the station master at Kishi Station in Wakayama Prefecture, a heartwarming story that has certainly impacted the name's popularity.

Portrait of domestic cat with red heart pendant Larisa Stefanuyk / Getty Images


Luna: Spain

Interestingly, just like in the United States, "Luna" is also the most popular cat name in Spain. It's intriguing to see this name resonate in vastly different cultures, a testament to the universal appeal of the moon's mystique and beauty. Spanish cat owners seem to be captivated by the same lunar allure as their American counterparts.

Black Cat Relaxes in Bedroom Chair Grace Cary / Getty Images


Micio: Italy

In Italy, the preferred cat name is "Micio." This name is an affectionate term for a cat, similar to 'kitty' in English. The fondness in the name Micio reflects the warm, loving relationship Italians share with their cats.

Tabby Cat Looks Up Attentively At Birds. Concept Of Hunter's Instinct. Julija Matuka / Getty Images


Nabi: South Korea

"Nabi" is South Korea's most popular cat name, translating to 'butterfly' in Korean. This name is often used endearingly for cats, possibly due to their graceful movements reminiscent of a butterfly's fluttering flight. This choice of name reveals a poetic perspective towards feline friends in South Korean culture.

Sacred Birman cat on black background Nynke van Holten / Getty Images


Tijger: Netherlands

In the Netherlands, "Tijger" holds the title of the most popular cat name. Tijger translates to 'tiger' in Dutch, reflecting the mini, domesticated 'wildness' of cats. It's a fitting name for a playful, predatory pet who, despite their size, might just see themselves as a jungle tiger.

A Bengal cat is watching an animal program on TV. Svetlana Sultanaeva / Getty Images


Sotis: Sweden

"Sotis" is the preferred cat name in Sweden. While it doesn't have a direct translation, it's an affectionate term for a beloved pet. This name reflects the cherished status cats hold in Swedish households.

Walking a domestic cat with the owner on a yellow harness. The tabby cat caressing a person's hand of outdoor, hides in the green grass, cautiously and curiously. Teaching your pet to walk Ольга Симонова / Getty Images


Puchi: India

In India, the favorite cat name is "Puchi." While Puchi doesn't have a specific meaning, it is used as a cute, affectionate term, similar to 'cutie' in English. The popularity of this name underlines the tender relationship between Indians and their cats.

Cute kitten in a bed Linda Raymond / Getty Images


Chico: Mexico

In Mexico, "Chico" is the most common name for cats. Chico means 'boy' in Spanish, and it might be chosen to denote the playful, mischievous nature of young male cats. This simple yet endearing name speaks volumes about the friendly, family-like bonds between Mexicans and their cats.

Cat sits on the bed. Small tabby grey cat is resting in the room. fluffy kitten relax on white blanket on a sunny day at home. Looks up with expressive cute eyes. Irina Shatilova / Getty Images


Miào miào: China

In China, "Miào miào" is the top cat name, serving as an onomatopoeia for 'meow.' This playful name mirrors the sound cats make, creating an immediate, instinctual connection between the pet and their name. It's a universal linguistic representation of our feline friends.

Domestic cat in a living room Linda Raymond / Getty Images


Tinkerbell: South Africa

In South Africa, "Tinkerbell" reigns as the most popular cat name. Borrowed from the famous fairy character in J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan," this name suggests a whimsical, magical persona. South African cat owners may enjoy envisioning their pets with a sprinkle of fairy dust, flitting around the house.

Senior woman with cat cuddling on sofa at home Westend61 / Getty Images


Negra: Argentina

In Argentina, "Negra" is the most common name for cats. Negra, which translates to 'black' in Spanish, may be chosen for cats with dark fur. This straightforward yet affectionate name showcases the Argentine love for cats, irrespective of their color or breed.

little girl stroking black cat golero / Getty Images


Tigger: New Zealand

Finally, in New Zealand, "Tigger" is the favorite cat name. This name hails from A.A. Milne's "Winnie the Pooh," where Tigger is a bouncy, energetic tiger. New Zealanders might find this name fitting for their energetic, playful feline companions, providing a daily dose of joy and laughter.

Cute Brown Burmese Kitten looking at camera frankiefotografie / Getty Images


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