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Cute and Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas for Cats

Cute and Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas for Cats

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Halloween is just around the corner, and we know what that means: candy, pumpkin carving, and best of all, getting dressed up. If you have cats at home, you'll understand the temptation to involve them in the fun — after all, who can resist cute animals in costumes? If you have a cat who doesn't mind getting dressed up, these Halloween costumes for cats will give you maximum cuteness for minimum effort.



kitten in pirate costume.

Perfect for humans and cats alike, pirate costumes are a Halloween mainstay for a reason. You can dress as elaborately as you want with this one, adding details like peg legs, hooks, and swashbuckling coats, or keep it simple with a skull and crossbones hat. Get ready to sail the seven seas with your purring pirate, and check out the great options on Amazon.




Continuing the nautical theme, how about turning your cat into a stunning mythical creature? This one's great for lazy cats, since it works best if they're staying still. All you need is a mermaid tail — and if you make it comfortable enough, your cat might even stay put without you forcing the issue. Well, we can dream, right? Check out these mermaid costumes on Amazon.


Unce Sam

A cat with a patriotic costume

It isn't the Fourth of July, but that doesn't mean you can't show your patriotic spirit. This is another simple costume, which most cats — and cat owners — will appreciate. Perch a stars-and-stripes top hat atop your cat's head, swap out the collar for a charming bow tie, and you've got yourself this year's cutest Uncle Sam. These cute pieces can be found on Amazon



kitten with angel wings

If you want to show off your pet's angelic side, how about this heavenly option? You can easily DIY this one with some wire and anything white and circular, and possibly add a pair of wings to complete the look. The best part? If you make the costume out of feathers, it can double as a new toy for your kitty to play with after the holiday is over. Check out this costume on Amazon. 



Cat in devil costume

If your cat is more demon than angel, how about this devilish costume? All you need is a headband with some horns and you're good to go! For an extra special touch, consider attaching a cape to your cat's collar, and maybe fashioning a cat-sized pitchfork to position nearby for the photo op. Check out this Devilish option available on Amazon.


Business cat

Cat wearing tie

Putting on a suit and tie might not feel like much of a costume for you, but put them on a cat, and you're ready to party. If you don't feel like handing over cash for a bespoke costume, your can easily DIY a clip-on tie and attach it to your cat's collar. Glasses optional — but adorable! Check out this costume readily available on Amazon.



cat criminal behind bars

This one's the cat's pajamas — striped pajamas, that is. Both comfy and cute, this costume will bring out your cat's naughty side. This costume is ideal if you want to take your cat trick-or-treating with you. From the other side of the bars in a carrier, your kitty will look every bit that part of a prisoner. Take a look at this cute option on Amazon. 



white furry cat in a cowboy hat

If your cat isn't one to let themselves be caught, how about going for this outlaw look instead? No matter how tough an outlaw they might be, a cat-sized cowboy hat is endlessly adorable. Tie a bandana loosely around their neck as the finishing touch, and you'll feel like you've been transported back to the Wild West. Not sure where to find this costume? Find it on Amazon. 



It's Halloween, so why not be Halloween-y? You can make your own witch's hat from black fabric and card stock. Optional extras, like a cape or spooky collar, are optional but great ideas to complete the picture. Or, if your cat refuses to dress up at all, you can dress up as a witch instead and call them your familiar. This spooky option is available on Amazon.

Black cat with witch hat for halloween. isolated on white background. Lubov / Getty Images



What cat doesn't love a good, old-fashioned adventure? This is perhaps the most thrilling Halloween costume ever — all you need is some blue fabric and a bit of creativity. Craft it into the shape of a shark fin and attach it to your cat's back. The sleek, streamlined look of the shark fin will make your feline friend look both fierce and adorable. Imagine the reactions when people see your little kitty "swimming" around the house, ready to take a playful bite! And if your cat decides to lounge around, they'll look like a shark waiting for its next prey. Take a dive on this costume available on Amazon.

Portrait of a little boy with his tabby cat. Cyndi Monaghan / Getty Images


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