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Black Cat Names That Are So Good, It's Spooky

Black Cat Names That Are So Good, It's Spooky

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Finding the purr-fect name for your feline friend is one of the most daunting decisions you'll make as a new pet owner. After all, once you've chosen a meow-niker, you'll be calling it out every day for the next 10 to 15 years! If you have a black cat who's in need of a name right now, you're in luck. There are plenty of choices out there to suit every cat-titude while paying tribute to your cat's color and unique mystique.


Traditional female black cat names

Traditional Female Black Cat Names liuyushan / Getty Images

  • Luna: Spanish for the moon
  • Stella: Latin for star
  • Mia: Italian for mine
  • Bella: Italian for beautiful
  • Cleo: Greek for fame, pride or glory
  • Sophie: Greek for wisdom
  • Penelope: Greek for weaver
  • Molly: Old Irish diminutive of Mary
  • Millie: Germanic for strength in wisdom
  • Juliet: Old English for Youthful


Traditional male black cat names

Traditional male black cat names yulyafesik / Getty Images

  • Max: English for greatest
  • Charlie: French for free man
  • Oscar: Irish for champion warrior
  • Leo: Latin for lion
  • Milo: Latin for soldier
  • Harry: German for home ruler
  • Gus: Irish for exalted and venerable
  • Nigel: Irish for black-haired
  • Jasper: Persian for treasure bearer


Mysterious black cat names

Mysterious black cat names tobkatrina / Getty Images

  • Tarot: Inspired by the fortune-telling card game.
  • Omen: A magical name for your lucky charm.
  • Jinx: A cute name that plays on the North American superstition that black cats are unlucky. In Japan and Britain, they are regarded as good luck and bearers of fortune.
  • Phantom: For a black cat who's mastered their disappearing act.
  • Voodoo: For a black cat that has cast a spell on your heart.
  • Houdini: For a black cat who's always getting in — and out — of trouble.
  • Salem: Black cats and Halloween go hand-in-hand, so why not name yours after the city that celebrates it best? Bonus: Salem is also the name of the talkative black kitty in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Color-inspired black cat names

Color-inspired black cat names sarayut / Getty Images

  • Inky: For a cat with a coat as glossy and black as ink.
  • Ebony: Dark tropical timber, synonymous with black beauty.
  • Midnight: The darkest hour.
  • Poppy: Inspired by the color of poppy seeds.
  • Sooty: For a cat who's as black as soot.
  • Velvet: For a cat whose fur reminds you of black velvet.
  • Blackjack: Inspired by the popular card game. It's also another word for the classic skull-and-crossbones pirate flag.


Food-inspired Black Cat Names

Food-inspired Black Cat Names Chalabala / Getty Images

  • Espresso: For a cat as smooth and dark as your favorite pick-me-up. Bonus points if they really do wake you up in the morning.
  • Licorice: Black-as-night confection, soft and sweet.
  • Treacle: Scottish word for black molasses.
  • Guinness: Famously dark Irish stout.
  • Pepper: Inspired by roly-poly black peppercorns.
  • Olive: Not only is Olive a real name, but olives are black. Bonus if your cat's eyes are green. Alternative name: Kalamata.
  • Caviar: Elegant hors d'oeuvre that pairs well with champagne.


Mythological black cat names

Mythological black cat names brians101 / Getty Images

  • Krishna: Widely-revered Hindu deity whose name means "dark" in Sanskrit.
  • Erebus: Greek god of darkness.
  • Loki: Norse god of mischief.
  • Thor: Germanic god of thunderstorms.
  • Zeus: Greek god of thunderstorms.
  • Jupiter: Latin god of thunderstorms.
  • Athena: Greek goddess of wisdom.
  • Pluto: Roman god of the underworld.
  • Orion: Hunter in Greek mythology. Also, the name of a constellation in the night sky.


Pop Culture-Inspired Black Cat Names

Pop Culture-Inspired Black Cat Names fotodrobik / Getty Images

  • Thackery Binx: Immortal black cat in the 1993 film, Hocus-Pocus.
  • Bagheera: The wise black panther in The Jungle Book, who protects and mentors Mowgli.
  • Felix: The star of silent-era cartoon, Felix the Cat
  • Darth Vader: The dark-cloaked villain in Star Wars.
  • Morticia: The charming black-gowned Addams Family matriarch.
  • Wednesday: The sweetly sadistic daughter of Morticia Addams.
  • Elvira: "Mistress of the Dark" and slinky horror hostess.
  • Minnaloushe: The black cat referenced in John Butler Yeats' famous poem, "The Cat and the Moon".


Funny & cute black cat names

Funny cute black cat names Oleksandr Shchus / Getty Images

  • Snowball: Typically reserved for cats with all-white coats, this one is a playful twist of irony. Other options include Casper, Frosty, and Snow White.
  • Sharpie: For the black cat who is sure to leave a permanent mark on your heart.
  • Bandit: For the stealthy black cat who's full of mischief.
  • Jester: For the black cat who can't stop clowning around.

Now for a few "punny" black cat names:

  • Don Drapurr: A play on Don Draper, the dapper star of Mad Men.
  • Margaret Scratcher: A play on Margaret Thatcher, former British prime minister.
  • Purrnest Hemmingway: A play on 20th-century American novelist Ernest Hemingway.
  • Charles Lickens: A play on 19th century British novelist Charles Dickens.


Nature-inspired black cat names

Nature-inspired black cat names nemanjazotovic / Getty Images

  • Eclipse: Inspired by the rare astronomical event.
  • Jet: The gemstone that inspired the term "jet black."
  • Onyx: Another black gemstone.
  • Obsidian: Naturally-occurring black volcanic glass.
  • Galaxy: For the black cat who's a star in your night sky.
  • Raven: The name of this beautiful crow-like bird is also another word for black.


International Black Cat Names

International Black Cat Names sdominick / Getty Images

  • Nero: Italian for black.
  • Chicco: Italian for coffee bean or grape seed.
  • Preto: Portuguese for black.
  • Kuro: Japanese for black.
  • Chibi: Japanese for small or short.
  • Akimi: Japanese for beauty.
  • Schwarz: German for black
  • Krümel: German for crumb.
  • Noir: French for "black." Le Chat Noir is a famous French cabaret poster.
  • Ele' ele: Hawaiian for black.
  • Pango: Maori for black.


Celebrity-Inspired Black Cat Names

Lumina Images / Getty Images

  • Beyoncé: For a fierce and talented feline.
  • Elvis: For a charismatic and charming black cat.
  • Bowie: Inspired by the iconic David Bowie, perfect for a creative and expressive kitty.
  • Streep: For a black cat with an air of elegance, named after the acclaimed actress Meryl Streep.
  • Jagger: Inspired by Mick Jagger, for a black cat with some serious swagger.


Literary-Inspired Black Cat Names

Woman using an e-reader and reading an e-book with her cat at home hocus-focus / Getty Images

  • Poe: Inspired by the master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe, who wrote "The Black Cat."
  • Brontë: For a cat with a literary and mysterious air, inspired by the Brontë sisters.
  • Gatsby: For a stylish and enigmatic feline, inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby."
  • Darcy: After the brooding, romantic hero of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice."
  • Rowling: For a magical black cat, inspired by the author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling.


Historical Figure-Inspired Black Cat Names

Close-up portrait of black cat, Wuttipong Nim-orn / 500px / Getty Images

  • Cleopatra: For a regal and powerful black cat.
  • Tesla: For an intelligent and inventive feline, inspired by the famous inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla.
  • Frida: Inspired by the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, perfect for a strong, independent kitty.
  • Churchill: For a black cat with a strong and unwavering presence, inspired by the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
  • Boudica: For a brave and fearless feline, named after the ancient Celtic warrior queen.


Sport-Inspired Black Cat Names

Black cat on a hand made cat tree Hasret Sonmez / Getty Images

  • Bolt: For a fast and agile black cat, inspired by the legendary sprinter Usain Bolt.
  • Beckham: For a stylish and athletic feline, inspired by the famous soccer player David Beckham.
  • Serena: For a powerful and dominant black cat, named after the tennis star Serena Williams.
  • Kobe: For a talented and driven feline, inspired by the late basketball legend Kobe Bryant.
  • Gretzky: For a black cat with a natural talent for sports, inspired by the ice hockey great Wayne Gretzky.


Music-Inspired Black Cat Names

Cat relaxing with music Robert Pavsic / Getty Images

  • Hendrix: For a black cat with a free-spirited and creative nature, inspired by the iconic guitarist Jimi Hendrix.
  • Aretha: For a soulful and powerful feline, named after the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.
  • Sinatra: For a smooth and sophisticated black cat, inspired by the legendary crooner Frank Sinatra.
  • Mozart: For an intelligent and artistic feline, named after the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • Joplin: For a wild and free-spirited black cat, inspired by the singer Janis Joplin.


Space and Astronomy-Inspired Black Cat Names

cat with falling stars and moon at night oliver de la haye / Getty Images

  • Nebula: For a mysterious and enchanting feline.
  • Comet: For a fast and bright black cat.
  • Apollo: For an adventurous and daring feline, inspired by NASA's Apollo missions.
  • Andromeda: For a black cat that's out of this world, named after the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • Vega: For a shining and beautiful feline, inspired by one of the brightest stars in the night sky.


Superhero-Inspired Black Cat Names

supercat superhero cat looking up kelly bowden / Getty Images

  • Batman: For a stealthy and mysterious feline, inspired by the Dark Knight.
  • Storm: For a powerful and commanding black cat, named after the X-Men character.
  • Nightcrawler: For a black cat with incredible agility and stealth, inspired by the X-Men character known for teleportation and acrobatics.
  • Mystique: For a shape-shifting and enigmatic black cat, inspired by the X-Men character.
  • Shadowcat: For a black cat with exceptional agility and stealth, named after the X-Men's Kitty Pryde.


Gothic and Dark-Inspired Black Cat Names

Anita Kot / Getty Images

  • Dracula: For a black cat with a mysterious and captivating presence, inspired by the famous vampire.
  • Morticia: For a dark and elegant feline, inspired by the matriarch of the Addams Family.
  • Belladonna: For a beautiful yet deadly black cat, named after the poisonous plant.
  • Nosferatu: For a haunting and eerie feline, inspired by the classic silent horror film.
  • Ophelia: For a tragic and romantic black cat, named after the character from Shakespeare's "Hamlet."


Art and Design-Inspired Black Cat Names

Black cat in living room bryantscannell / Getty Images

  • Picasso: For a creative and unique black cat, inspired by the famous painter.
  • Van Gogh: For a passionate and expressive feline, named after the iconic artist.
  • Monet: For a black cat with a soft and dreamy nature, inspired by the Impressionist painter.
  • Dali: For a surreal and eccentric feline, named after the famous surrealist Salvador Dalí.
  • Kandinsky: For an abstract and unconventional black cat, inspired by the Russian painter and art theorist.


Animal-Inspired Black Cat Names

black cat portrait bennymarty / Getty Images

  • Panther: For a sleek and powerful black cat, inspired by the majestic big cat.
  • Bear: For a large and cuddly black cat with a gentle nature.
  • Crow: For a clever and mysterious black cat, named after the intelligent bird.
  • Puma: For an athletic and agile feline, inspired by the fast and graceful big cat.
  • Stingray: For a graceful and enigmatic black cat, named after the unique marine creature.



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