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20 Ridiculously Perfect Names For Your Pet Rabbit

20 Ridiculously Perfect Names For Your Pet Rabbit

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The companionship of these soft, fluffy, and lovable creatures becomes more popular, and choosing the perfect name for your pet rabbit is an enjoyable task in your journey as a pet owner. A name can say so much about your furry friend's unique personality and style.

But where do you start? Right here! This guide will help you find the perfect moniker for your hoppy little friend, featuring 20 of the best pet rabbit names that are as charming and adorable as your bunny itself.



Young beautiful woman is lying at home on a bed next to a homemade decorative rabbit Tanja Ivanova / Getty Images

For bunnies with a distinctive two-toned coat, Twix can be an ideal name. Derived from the popular caramel-filled chocolate, this name symbolizes sweetness and delight. It reflects the joy your rabbit brings to your life, as well as its adorable and distinctive appearance. The name is simple yet catchy, making it a delightful choice for your beloved bunny and a testament to its unique charm.



White and brown rabbit sitting in grass, smiling at camera Bogdanhoda / Getty Images

For those bunnies that love to hop around joyously, Popcorn can be a fitting name. Much like popcorn popping in a hot pan, your bunny's lively antics can bring a sense of excitement and joy to your home. This name is adorable, fun, and embodies the energetic and playful nature of your pet. It's a name that will always remind you of the happy, lively spirit of your little bunny.



Rabbit sits in the grass Natalia Miachikova / Getty Images

If your bunny's soft, luxurious coat reminds you of velvet, this name could be the perfect fit. The name exudes a sense of elegance and grace, reflecting your pet's royal demeanor. Velvet is a unique and sophisticated name that highlights your pet's precious nature and your deep affection for it. It's an endearing term that will always remind you of the soft, comforting presence of your cherished pet rabbit.



pet bunny PeopleImages / Getty Images

If your rabbit has a rich, brown coat, Coco can be the perfect name. It can also be a fitting name for any rabbit with a warm and sweet personality, much like hot cocoa on a chilly winter day. This name, derived from a beloved treat, coco, makes an adorable nickname for your fluffy pet and adds a touch of elegance and fun. It captures the cuddly nature of a bunny and offers a familiar and comforting vibe.



Beautiful young woman and her bunny pet miljko / Getty Images

Does your bunny sport a distinct, multi-colored coat? If so, Patches could be an ideal name for them. This name celebrates the beauty of variety, the unique and different colors that together make your bunny truly one-of-a-kind. The charm of this name lies in its relevance and its ability to highlight your pet's distinctive features. Moreover, it gives a nod to the endearing innocence and playful spirit of these gentle creatures.



Little farm rabbit Neniya / Getty Images

For those bunnies that just can't help but nibble on everything in sight, Nibbles is a fitting choice. The name is adorable and humorous, perfectly mirroring the cute, yet mischievous nature of bunnies. Besides, it adds an element of fun to your interactions with your pet rabbit. Imagine calling out "Nibbles" in a park or during playtime! It can certainly bring a smile to anyone's face and make your bunny the center of attention.



Cute pet dwarf rabbit sitting at home on the bed Tanja Ivanova / Getty Images

Soft, fluffy, and white - if this describes your bunny, then Marshmallow could be an apt name. It's a sweet and cuddly name for a pet that's just as soft and lovable. The name Marshmallow not only captures the physical attributes of your bunny but also conveys the warmth and comfort that their presence brings to your life. Plus, it is an endearing term that can make the bond between you and your pet even more special.



the rabbit Olga Potylitsyna / Getty Images

Whiskers is a classic name for pets, and it is particularly fitting for rabbits, given their prominent, adorable whiskers. The name is simple, yet it beautifully highlights one of the many features that make your bunny adorable. It's a timeless name that never goes out of style and continues to be a favorite among many pet owners. Whiskers captures the essence of your bunny's personality and is a cute reminder of your pet's inherent charm.



Ginger fluffy domestic rabbit in a cage. Vital Hil / Getty Images

For those who are fans of Beatrix Potter's classic tale of Peter Rabbit, Mopsy can be a wonderful choice. This name harks back to the stories many of us loved in our childhood and brings a touch of nostalgia. It's perfect for a bunny with a playful and curious nature, reminiscent of the character's adventurous spirit. Mopsy is a name that holds a special charm for both children and adults, and it is sure to make your bunny a beloved part of the family.



Close-up of female hand with little baby bunny serts / Getty Images

For those fluffy white bunnies that remind you of a winter's day, Snowball is a delightful name option. This name is ideal for a rabbit with a playful and lively personality. Just as a snowball brings joy during a snowfall, your bunny too can bring joy and laughter into your life. The name Snowball is a sweet reminder of your bunny's vibrant personality and the precious moments that you share together.



Young girl gives a kiss to her pet an Algar / Getty Images

For those bunnies with a warm, reddish-brown coat, Cinnamon could be an apt name choice. The name offers a delightful combination of spice and sweetness, just like your bunny's charming personality. Cinnamon also paints a picture of warmth and comfort, much like the cozy feeling that these adorable creatures bring into our lives. This name exudes a sense of familiarity and a homely vibe, making it an ideal choice for your cherished pet.



Kids feeding bunnies in a farm Imgorthand / Getty Images

Rabbits and clovers have been synonymous since time immemorial, making Clover a perfect name for your pet bunny. It's a cute, cheerful name that speaks volumes about your rabbit's playful and lively nature. The name also exudes a sense of luck and prosperity, given the association of clovers with good fortune. Calling out Clover at playtime is sure to bring joy to both you and your furry friend.



Feeding a Rabbit Celery Christa Boaz / Getty Images

Does your bunny remind you of a rich, luxurious truffle? If so, Truffle could be an ideal name for them. This name signifies a sense of indulgence and richness, reflecting your pet's value in your life. Besides, it's a cute, catchy name that can make your bunny the star of the show. Truffle is not just a name; it's an expression of your love and adoration for your precious pet.



Cute pet dwarf rabbit sitting in a cage Tanja Ivanova / Getty Images

For bunnies with a distinctive, warm brown coat, Nutmeg can be a perfect name choice. This name signifies warmth and comfort, much like your bunny's presence in your life. The spice, Nutmeg, is a symbol of spice and sweetness, just like your pet's vibrant personality. It's a simple, yet meaningful name that can perfectly capture the essence of your bunny's character.



Asian woman holding and carrying cute rabbit with tenderness and love. Sasiistock / Getty Images

This name might seem a bit obvious, but there's no denying that it's a perfect fit for your cuddly bunny. Fluffy is a cute, endearing name that highlights one of your rabbit's most adorable features: its soft, fluffy coat. This name serves as a constant reminder of the loveable nature of your pet and its ability to melt hearts wherever it goes. It's a classic name that's always a hit among pet owners and their furry friends.



Pet rabbit raised in the garden. Looking to explore the area around him SPmemory / Getty Images

For those bunnies with an undeniable zest for life, Hopper is a fitting name. The name perfectly encapsulates the energetic nature of rabbits, their love for exploration, and their adorable hopping antics. It's a cute, playful name that brings a smile to everyone's face and adds an element of fun to your relationship with your pet. Hopper is a name that is sure to make your bunny stand out from the crowd.



Young kit rabbits Brina Bunt / Getty Images

If your bunny's coat reminds you of a creamy, sweet nougat, this might be the perfect name for them. Nougat is a name that symbolizes sweetness and comfort, two qualities that your pet bunny brings into your life. The name is unique and memorable, capturing the essence of your pet's delightful personality. It's a delightful way to express your love and affection for your cherished pet.



Happy woman work on laptop playing with domesticated rabbit fizkes / Getty Images

Hazel is a charming name for a bunny with a hazelnut-colored coat or deep, captivating eyes. This name carries a sense of elegance and sophistication while still being playful and endearing. Hazel is a name that's simple, yet meaningful, highlighting your pet's unique features and its special place in your heart. This name is perfect for a pet that's as sweet and cherished as your bunny.



Rabbit eating grass, Lancashire, England, UK Martin Jeffries / Getty Images

If your bunny has a coat with various colors, Sprinkles is an adorable name choice. The name captures the essence of fun and joy, much like your rabbit's playful personality. It's a unique and catchy name that can make your bunny the star of any gathering. Sprinkles is not just a name; it's an expression of your bunny's vibrant character and the happiness it brings into your life.



Woman reading a book cute baby rabbit sits on the sofa next to her fotostorm / Getty Images

Inspired by a bunny's favorite treat, Carrot is a cute and playful name for your pet rabbit. This name serves as a loving reminder of your pet's cute eating habits and its love for this particular vegetable. It's a simple, yet significant name that can make your bunny's mealtime even more enjoyable. Calling out Carrot at dinnertime is sure to bring a smile to your face and make your bunny's mealtime an event to look forward to.


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