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20 Loveable Names For Your New Pet Lizard

20 Loveable Names For Your New Pet Lizard

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Finding the perfect name for your new pet lizard can be an exciting part of the ownership process. These scaly companions are unique, and their names should reflect their diverse personalities and charming quirks. This article will guide you through twenty of the best pet lizard names that will not only ignite your imagination but also capture the essence of your adorable reptile. Be ready to explore and choose a name that resonates best with your lizard's individual character.



Lizard on the wooden table Kerkez / Getty Images

Inspired by the Latin term for "dragon," the name Draco is a grand choice for your scaly friend. It implies majesty, strength, and a bit of mythical charm, making it a perfect match for larger lizard species or those that carry themselves with a certain commanding presence.

There's also an appealing crossover for fans of the Harry Potter series, as Draco is a well-known character from the magical world. Whether you're a fan of fantasy or simply want a name that embodies the remarkable presence of your pet, Draco is a name that confidently expresses a strong personality and an air of mystery.



Bearded dragon being examined by veterinarian kali9 / Getty Images

Rango is not just a name, it's a symbol of adventure and resilience, reminiscent of the courageous chameleon character from the eponymous animated film. If your lizard is a fan of climbing or exploring, this fun-loving, adventurous name could be the ideal choice.

Plus, it brings a dash of Hollywood glamour to your pet's life. Both children and adults will love the reference, and it’s sure to spark joy and conversation whenever you introduce your lizard to new friends.



Photograph of a reptil : bearded dragon, on the hand of a person Estersinhache fotografía / Getty Images

If your pet lizard sports a lush, verdant green hue or has captivating green eyes, then Jade would be a fitting name. It's a beautiful way to acknowledge your pet's vibrant coloration. The name Jade also suggests something precious, unique, and highly valued - just like your lizard.

This exotic moniker is a great conversation starter and adds a touch of mystique to your pet's persona. This name doesn't just describe your pet; it reflects their charm and individuality.



Chinese water dragon ( Physignathus cocincinusis ) a species of agamid lizard. It is also known as Asian water dragon, Thai water dragon, and green water dragon. Arun Roisri / Getty Images

Blaze is a dynamic name that embodies the vibrant colors and lively nature of your fiery red or orange lizard. If your pet displays boldness or shows a particularly fiery spirit, Blaze would be a highly suitable name. It's a name that stands out, much like a blazing fire in the night.

More than just a name, Blaze signifies energy, vigor, and a zest for life. It’s an excellent choice for lizards who are filled with a spark of curiosity and adventure.



Girdled Lizard,Close-up of iguana on tree Saugata Sarkar / 500px / Getty Images

Slither, a term often associated with the sinuous motion of snakes, can be a playful and somewhat ironic name for your lizard. It's a delightfully unconventional name that can raise a few eyebrows, pique people's curiosity, and bring about a good laugh.

Slither would be a fitting moniker for those pet owners who appreciate a little humor and like to break away from traditional pet names. If your pet lizard loves to wriggle, twist, or turn in intriguing ways, then Slither could be just the right fit.



Lizard perched on boy's shoulder in tropical garden ApuuliWorld / Getty Images

Basil is a name that is steeped in royalty, derived from the Greek word for "king". This dignified name could be the perfect match for a lizard that behaves in a regal manner, or for a pet that is simply the 'king' of your heart. Besides its royal connotations, Basil has an amusing side to it too.

Herb enthusiasts will appreciate the pun, subtly relating to the often green nature of many lizard species. It's a name that perfectly combines respect, love, and a sense of humor.



Bearded dragon D-Keine / Getty Images

Imagine your lively lizard, leaping or darting around its enclosure. If this resembles your pet, then Pogo could be the perfect name. Drawing its inspiration from the bouncy nature of a pogo stick, this name is a playful nod to the agile movements that many lizards, such as crested geckos, are known for.

Pogo is a name that brings a smile to the face, evokes joy, and perfectly embodies the sprightly and energetic spirit of your pet.



Reptile Thomas Demarczyk / Getty Images

For a pet that displays remarkable resilience or has overcome challenges, Phoenix could be an apt choice. This mythical bird, known to regenerate from its own ashes, symbolizes rebirth and endurance. It’s an inspiring choice for lizards who have displayed their strength and willpower, embodying a deep respect for their unwavering spirit.

This name does more than identify your pet; it tells a story of resilience and survival, adding an aura of mystique and strength to your scaly companion.



Lizard close up animal portrait Viktoryia Voinakh / Getty Images

Spectrum is an excellent choice for a multi-colored or particularly vibrant lizard. It captures the beauty of your lizard's unique coloring, referencing the spectrum of light that includes all colors. It’s a name that speaks to diversity, individuality, and beauty in all forms.

Whether your lizard is a riotous rainbow of color or subtly transitions from one shade to another, Spectrum is a unique name that will be just as diverse and vibrant as your pet.



Pristurus Carteri Kacper Rzepecki / Getty Images

If your lizard is a larger species, or even if it's smaller but has a mighty spirit, Titan could be the perfect name. Titans, in Greek mythology, were powerful deities who ruled during the Golden Age. Your pet lizard might not rule over a mythical realm, but in your home, they can be just as important.

Titan implies strength, resilience, and a touch of reverence that elevates your pet from an ordinary lizard to a creature of myth and legend.



Animal wildlife Aimur Kytt / Getty Images

For those lizards with intricate patterns or a patchwork of different colors, Mosaic is a wonderful name choice. It conjures up images of artistry and individualism, capturing the uniqueness of your lizard's appearance. Much like a carefully crafted mosaic, your lizard is a beautiful creation of nature that deserves a name as unique and intricate as its looks.



Green lizard max-olka / Getty Images

If your pet lizard is small, playful, or just has a sprinkling of magic about them, Pixie could be the perfect name. Just like mythical pixies, your lizard might have a mischievous sparkle in its eye, a playful demeanor, or simply a magical aura that deserves a name as enchanting as its personality. It's a delightful name, full of charm and whimsy that will remind you of the joy your lizard brings to your life.



boy and pet lizard looking at each other on grass Laura Ciapponi / Gety Images

Derived from Greek mythology where Gaia is the Earth Mother, this name could be perfect for a lizard that has a calm, nurturing personality or a strong connection to the earth. It's a name that resonates with the power of nature and might be a fitting choice if your pet is a species native to a specific natural habitat, grounding their identity in their wild roots.



The owner feeds the lizard with special food with tweezers, cares for reptiles at home Artem Sokolov / Getty Images

Does your lizard have a knack for mimicking your movements or responding to your actions? If so, Echo could be an apt choice of name. Echo, in Greek mythology, was a nymph who could only repeat what others said. It's a unique, memorable name that reflects the responsive nature of your pet.



Female customer watching brown gecko JackF / Getty Images

If your pet lizard loves basking in the heat lamp or enjoys sunning itself under the UVB light, Solstice could be an excellent name. Solstice is a celestial event when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky at noon. This name captures the essence of your lizard's love for the sun and warmth, perfectly encapsulating those lazy, languid afternoons spent basking in the light.



lizard Obradovic / Getty Images

For those owners with a large lizard species, such as a monitor lizard, Goliath can be a fitting name. Originating from the Biblical giant, it symbolizes strength and enormity. This name will reflect the impressive size and the commanding presence of your lizard, making it a point of conversation whenever you introduce your pet to new people.



Blue tongue skink sitting on old log Cavan Images / Getty Images

Zephyr, the Greek god of the west wind, is a splendid name for a quick or agile lizard. If your lizard moves swiftly, almost like a gentle breeze, this name could be a great fit. The smooth, breezy sound of the name 'Zephyr' complements the swift and smooth movements of many lizards, making it a beautiful and unique choice.



Silhouette brown spotted gecko reptile primeimages / Getty Images

For a lizard with shiny, glossy scales or a unique iridescence, Shimmer is a fitting name. It captures the beauty of your lizard's appearance, reflecting how their scales catch the light and gleam in the sun. Shimmer is a name that carries a sense of magic and wonder, perfectly highlighting your pet’s unique beauty.



Image of Ackies dwarf monitor lizard (Varanus acanthurus) warming under heat lamp in a vivarium / terrarium mtreasure / Getty Images

A playful nod to the word 'iguana,' Iggy is a fun, upbeat name for your pet lizard. It's a friendly, catchy name that can add a touch of whimsy to your pet lizard's persona. Whether or not your pet is actually an iguana, Iggy is a name that is bound to catch people's attention and make them smile.



Sand Lizard (Lacerta agilis) Male Mantonature / Getty Images

If your lizard is a species that hails from a desert habitat, Oasis could be a fitting tribute to its roots. An oasis is a haven in the desert, a place of refuge and life in the midst of barren lands. It signifies resilience and vitality amidst adversity. As a name, Oasis carries a sense of calm, resilience, and peaceful tranquility, reflecting your pet’s tranquil nature and desert origins.


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