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10 Great Pet Subscription Boxes For Your Cats and Dogs

10 Great Pet Subscription Boxes For Your Cats and Dogs

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Pet parents get a kick out of pampering their animal family members. And there are few better ways to do that than with a pet subscription box crammed with toys and edible goodies. These services are time-saving and allow for product discovery. There are services that cater to birds, fish, and rodents, but we're focusing on four-legged pets today. Your cats and dogs are going to give you loads of cuddles, and you'll have plenty of excitement to contain after you present them with one of the boxes below.



Bowl with dry kibble food and cat accessories on wooden table. Top view pet care and training concept. Veterinary shop banner mockup. photoguns / Getty Images

Meowbox is a top pick for cats. It has flexible delivery options (you can receive a box every two months, for example), durable and adorable toys, and fun themes. The toys with catnip are high-quality, as are the US-made edible treats. The latter tend to have a long shelf life and cater to different tastes. Meowbox puts your cat first, so your feline buddy should be delighted with their goodies. If your cat's a picky eater, you can swap treats for an extra toy at no additional charge. Meowbox also donates to shelters on their customers' behalf.



DIY cool colorful frozen yogurt dog treats on plain white background. Denise Erickson / Getty Images

PupJoy is a top pick for dogs. You can expect a wide variety of flavors and natural ingredients from PupJoy's treats, and they generally have convenient expiration dates. PupJoy's toys have staying power compared to other boxes on the market. In addition, the service has a separate pet box for power chewers. Boxes are customizable, so you can address allergies and other factors such as size and preferences, and you can opt for quarterly deliveries or pause deliveries if that suits you better. PupJoy offers a loyalty program and good value for money. You can add specific treats and toys to your order if you come to like them.



Couple and toy dog unpacking cardboard box together urbazon / Getty Images

PupBox is a fab option, especially if you have a growing puppy. As your puppy matures, so will the gear and contents. You could receive an accessory for teething or socialization training along with instructions, which is really helpful if you're a first-time pet parent or haven't had a dog in a while. You're not likely to get repeats with PupBox, so if you like the surprise element of these pet subscription boxes, you won't be disappointed. PupBox ships monthly, which is less user-friendly. If you want to change the frequency, you need to email the company.



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Barkbox is popular, partly because it's very seasonal and Instagrammable. But your dog doesn't care about Instagram. So, what can your fur baby look forward to? There are cute toys (most of which are plushies) that keep them occupied for two weeks or so, all-natural treats, and bonus toys in the first six boxes. BarkBox provides replacements for defective products, and boxes are customizable. Shipping is only free if you sign up for the upgraded plan. Bark Bright focuses on dental hygiene and saves you the trouble of brushing your pooch's teeth.



Woman in cozy sweater holding cute cat in plaid. Cat resting and warming under a soft blanket in cold autumn or winter weather. Cozy warm image Daria Kulkova / Getty Images

This service has two options. The CatLadyBox focuses on you, the cat parent, and sends cat-themed clothing and decor to warm the cockles of your heart. The Crazy CatLadyBox doesn't leave your cat out. We love that this subscription box supports indie artists and small businesses. You can easily switch the frequency of deliveries, and a portion of the profits goes toward cat rescue organizations. Prepaying for three or six months will score you a discount.



Various types of dry food for dog on table top Davizro / Getty Images

RescueBox treats your dog to five premium products. At the same time, each themed box feeds approximately 142 animals at various shelters locally and abroad. You and your canine buddy will have two reasons to smile because, if you haven't already heard, karma is a relaxing thought. This subscription doesn't currently accommodate food allergies, but you can indicate your dog's size and rest assured that you'll receive expert-approved products.


Pet Treater

Dog tasty colored biscuits on wooden background, snacks for dogs sanjagrujic / Getty Image

Treats are made in North America and are of good quality. Pet Treater's boxes are fairly customizable. The Deluxe package sends customers as many as eight products at a relatively cheap price. Pet Treater prioritizes affordability, so heavy chewers might not get as much use out of the toys.


Cat Person

A cat is happy about its food. A cat licks her mouth with her tongue Astrid860 / Getty Images

Are you looking to simplify your cat's meal plans? Cat Person may be the subscription box for you. Meals are protein-rich, grain-free, and low in carbs, and you can specify whether you want wet or dry foods. Cat Person offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Smalls is another cat meal subscription service to consider, and it can send you a sampler box.


Pooch Perks

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This is another awesome service with a budget option for price-conscious dog owners and customizations suitable for those with multiple dogs in their household. Boxes are tailored to your fur baby's breed and size, and the overall value of the box beats what you'd pay at the store. Products are eco-friendly, too.


The Farmer's Dog

Pet food and natural ingredients on wooden table, flat lay Liudmila Chernetska / Getty Images

If you're interested in receiving fresh dog food that can optimize your dog's health and wellness, you won't go wrong with The Farmer's Dog. Shipping options are flexible, and you can specify dietary restrictions. Ingredients are human-grade and unprocessed, and you can get a refund or replacement meal if your dog turns its nose up at its bowl.


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