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What to Know Before Getting Your Mini Pitbull

What to Know Before Getting Your Mini Pitbull

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Mini pitbulls make excellent pets for families who want to add energy and playfulness to their homes. They are highly intelligent dogs that respond well to consistent training and benefit from plenty of exercise and stimulation. These crosses between the American pit bull terrier and the smaller Patterdale terrier display a variety of characteristics inherited from both those relatives.


Mini pitbulls have a ton of energy!

Young mini pitbulls have a lot of energy, so give them plenty of exercise. Depending on where you live, you might let them run free, catch frisbees, or take long walks on-leash. If you don’t let them burn off some energy, they will find their own ways to do so. That could mean tearing apart your couch, chewing your favorite shoes, or ruining the inside of your front door. A couple of hours of activity should eliminate those problem behaviors. If you can’t commit to this daily requirement, don’t get a young mini pitbull.


Encourage them to exercise as they age

Like most dogs, mini pitbulls slow down as they age. But if they don’t get enough exercise, they will gain weight and be at higher risk for disease. By the time your dog reaches the 10-year mark, you may be grateful that it has slowed down, but don’t let it stop exercising. Daily walks should be a habit throughout your dog's life and are the best antidote to weight gain. Keeping your pittie fit will help it live longer and avoid health problems.


They’re loyal companions

When a mini pitbull forms an emotional attachment to your family members, it will become a loyal companion. If you're not careful, this can present with an over-protective nature. You can usually prevent bad behavior with consistent training. Less experienced dog owners would be wise to get help training a mini pitbull from a professional, for example by taking a class. Introducing new people and animals to your mini pitbull slowly is the best approach.


They make excellent home security systems

High energy plus loyalty equals one heck of a home security system. Consistent training starting as soon as you bring your mini pitbull home is essential if you want your dog to scare off burglars, but not visiting friends. Most mini pitbulls always have an ear cocked for unusual noises, and they will bark their heads off if they sense danger. They must therefore be trained to respond appropriately to everyday noises.


They can get along with other pets

Mini pitbulls might feel suspicious about new animals and take a while to adjust. Over time, though, they can accept them as part of the pack, becoming good friends with other dogs, cats, and more diverse animals. After a few weeks, you should see that they accept a new pet. Keep your eye on them, though, and separate them if they fight, as this can make building a long-term relationship difficult.


It doesn’t take much to groom them

Mini pitbulls have short hair that is easy to care for. They don't need much grooming, but the breed can shed quite a bit. Regular brushing will reduce the amount of fur that you find on your floors and furniture. You only need to wash them when they get dirty. How often do they get dirty? That depends on how much mud is around since a lot of them will leap right into mud puddles.


Most mini pitbulls make good family members

Mini pitbulls typically form attachments to all the members in a household and get along with everyone, children included. They fit in especially well with active families who like to spend a lot of time outdoors, walking and playing with this energetic breed. Encourage all family members, including children, to participate in the dog's training regime. Doing so should prevent any potential "pack-leader"-type behavior.


They love making their people happy

You will probably find it easy to train your mini pitbull. The breed loves making its people happy, so it will do just about anything to win your approval. It's also intelligent and typically responds quickly to positive reinforcement. Clicker training and treats will help your dog learn commands.


Mini pitbulls can live in apartments – with regular exercise

Mini pitbulls have pretty small bodies, which makes them a good option for people who live in apartments. A standard American pitbull terrier can grow to 21 inches tall, but a mini pitbull is unlikely to exceed 11 inches. Just remember that being stuck in a small apartment will leave your mini pitbull with a lot of problematic pent-up energy. Apartment-dwelling dogs need to be taken out for a tiring walk at least once a day.


The breed has a lot of names

The mini pitbull breed goes by a lot of names, including the pocket pit, miniature pitbull, teacup pitbull, micro pitbull, tiny pitbull, and pocket bully. Don't let the term “bully” concern you – it doesn't refer to personality, but rather is a playful version of "bull.”


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