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The Loyal and Lovable Sheepadoodle

The Loyal and Lovable Sheepadoodle

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A breed with "doodle" in its name is a hybrid of a poodle and one or more other breeds. In this case, a sheepadoodle is an adorable mix of old English sheepdog and poodle. Their friendly personalities and low-shedding coat have helped them to rise in popularity as family-friendly pets.

These dogs range in size and color and seem to possess many of their parents' most desirable traits. Their floppy ears, fluffy fur, and sturdy build make for an irresistibly cute animal.


A new best friend

Sheepadoodle running outside

The sheepadoodle is known for its sweet and joyful personality. Much like their sheepdog parent, these dogs are loyal, active, and quick to learn. A sheepadoodle is a good match for owners with the time and energy to create a strong bond. These pets are energetic and fun animals who enjoy being social and require lots of exercise and stimulation.


Size and appearance

grey sheepadoodle Logan Swenson / Getty Images

With so many types of doodle breeds cropping up, it can be difficult to tell them apart just on appearance alone. The sheepadoodle is commonly a combination of black and white but occasionally can include grey or brown. Their non-shedding fur can be curly or straight but tends to be fluffy and thick. These dogs weigh between 20 to 100 pounds, depending on the size of the parents.


Grooming and care

Sheepadoodle dog

The thick fur of a sheepadoodle means that regular grooming is a must. Owners will find that brushing their dog's fur a couple of times each week will help to reduce matting.

Regular haircuts are also a necessity to ensure that the dog stays cool. Ask a groomer to help with nail trims so walking is comfortable, and with ear cleaning to reduce the risk of ear infections.


General health

sheepadoodle running richardwatson / Getty Images

Like many dogs from mixed backgrounds, the sheepadoodle is robust and healthy. With an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years, owners can expect their best buddy to be with them for the long haul.

Things to watch out for include hip and joint pain in older dogs, as well as Cushing's disease and some cancers. Lots of exercise and appropriately-portioned healthy food will help to minimize the risks of many health concerns.


Training and obedience

A Sheepadoodle Puppy Lying In Grass on a hot summer day Logan Swenson / Getty Images

Sheepadoodles are eager to please and are quick learners. Starting early with consistency and positive reinforcements, like small treats, will help your puppy to learn the rules of the house.

Offer your dog opportunities to meet new people and dogs so they learn appropriate behaviors in varying situations. Once the basics are set, sheepadoodles will be keen to learn fun tricks and games, like fetch or agility exercises.


Diet and food

Sheepadoodle puppy lying in the yard

Sheepadoodles are active dogs, which means they will need to eat two or three times each day. With so many dog food options available, focus on healthy ingredients that cater to your dog's size. Consider whether a dry kibble or a raw food diet is best for your dog. Meal portions depend on the size of your dog; check with a veterinarian about the appropriate amount of food to provide.


Where to find one

sheepadoodle puppy MCCAIG / Getty Images

Sheepadoodles are not a recognized breed under any regulatory groups or organizations, so finding a reputable breeder can be challenging. However, due to their growing popularity, expect a waitlist and a high price tag.

Before handing over a deposit for a puppy, visit the breeder and ask to see the parents and their living environment. Ask lots of questions to be sure the dog you choose suits your lifestyle and expectations.


Doggy entertainment

A Sheepadoodle puppy that is a mix from a sheepdog and a poodle. MCCAIG / Getty Images

Sheepadoodles are always keen to play, run and perform tricks. Training and playtime will be more fun for the dogs and the owners with a selection of interesting toys and treats.

Bite-sized dog treats are excellent positive reinforcement tools for training. Because sheepadoodles are energetic, they will need some toys to keep them busy. Try some durable chew toys, bouncy balls to chase or thick rope to play tug of war.


Living environment

outside space sheepadoodle warrengoldswain / Getty Images

When choosing a sheepadoodle, consider the adult size of the dog and your living arrangements. While these dogs will be happy anywhere that you are, their need for exercise means they are well suited to a place with easy access to outdoor space. A backyard or a nearby park to run around will make for more interesting playtime for the dog.

Their happy and easy to train nature makes them adaptable to both house and apartment living.


Child friendly

sheepadoodle play Logan Swenson / Getty Images

The typical sheepadoodle is a gentle, family-friendly pet. However, be mindful of their sheepdog background, which can lead to nipping or herding tendencies with small children. Some firm training during puppyhood will quickly eliminate these issues.

Children are excellent energetic playmates for sheepadoodles to catch balls and explore the outdoors. These pups are also happy recipients of regular cuddles and backrubs.



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