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The Endearing Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Endearing Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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The Cardigan Welsh corgi is an old breed of dog, assumed to have been bred in Wales as herding dogs as far back as 3000 years ago. As times changed, the need for herding dogs lessened, but that doesn't stop corgis from being one of the most popular and loveable breeds out there. With a low body and surprising speed and agility, these dogs have been used as herders and companions for country and city owners alike.


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi's size

Welsh Corgi Cardigan in leaves

A Cardigan Welsh corgi will grow to a low height of 10  to 13 inches. Their short stature and low center of gravity aids in their speed and skills in herding cattle. Males tend to weigh a few pounds heavier than females. A male corgi will be between 30 and 38 pounds, and a female will range from 25 to 34 pounds.


Tips on your Cardigan's health

A blue merle cardigan sitting on a couch undefined undefined / Getty Images

Generally, Cardigan Welsh corgis are a healthy breed. A common issue for this breed is progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). With PRA, most dogs adapt to their fading eyesight with ease. The long and low backs of this breed make the Cardigan susceptible to intervertebral disc disease. Avoid letting your corgi climb stairs or jump off the couch to prevent injury in advanced age.


Age expectancy of a Cardigan

Two welsh corgi cardigan

The average age range for a cardigan is 12 to 15 years; with loving care and attention, these dogs can live to be as old as 17. During the puppy stages, the Cardigan's ears are down and usually perk up on their own. In some cases, the ears remain down, and some owners will support their corgi's ears with tape to help them maintain an upright position. Their energy levels stay relatively the same after they reach adulthood.


The Cardigan's personality

Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy sitting on the road in summer

Because of their herding heritage, Cardigans tend to be vigilant dogs and will bark at anything new or suspicious that approaches. They tend to be wary around strangers at first, but are actually quite sociable and will warm up quickly.

These dogs are highly intelligent and can be trained very well, making them excellent dogs for families with children. Socializing them with different people early on will encourage a cardigan to be friendly.


How to care for your corgi

Cardigan in snow volofin / Getty Images

These dogs are intelligent, social, and energetic. They need human interaction, walks, and frequent exercise. This is one dog that would rather chill with you in the living room and go for walks, rather than be on a lead outside alone all day.

The secret to cardigans is a toy ball. This breed loves playing fetch, which you can use to your advantage when they need exercise.


Grooming a Cardigan

Happy cardigan in grass infinityyy / Getty Images

The Cardigan Welsh corgi coat needs weekly brushing to keep it looking its best. Nails should be trimmed regularly as well. Cardigans shed seasonally, so during spring and fall, brush up to once a day for a couple of weeks. Regular grooming can help lower the shedding left on your furniture.


Keep a close eye on their diet

Cardigan getting a walk Ирина Мещерякова / Getty Images

Cardigans tend to love food, and if given the chance, they will over-eat. Your dog's dietary needs will depend on their lifestyle. Measure out their food according to their size, weight, and activity level. Feed them twice a day rather than once, go easy on the treats, and play more ball to help regulate.


Coat and color of a Cardigan

Cardigan puppy exploring the woods malvablondie / Getty Images

Cardigans come in many colors, all with white markings around the face and on their bellies. Their coats are typically shades of sable, brindle, and red, but some have black or blue merle color patterns. The patterns on their backs often resemble a saddle, lending to the fairy tales that fairies rode them in ancient Wales.


Cardigan Welsh corgis and children

Cardigan looking into a field Kurt Pas / Getty Images

Though they love children and are very sociable, corgis might try to herd your children. This means they will try to nip at their heels and give chase.

Teach your children the proper way to approach a familial dog, to prevent scaring or threatening them. Give your Cardigan the proper training needed to know not to herd children, and the biting and chasing will stop immediately.


Cardigan and Welsh corgis: can you spot the difference?

Cardigan in the woods eAlisa / Getty Images

There are two breeds of corgi dogs: the Cardigan Welsh corgi and the Pembroke corgi. They have the same color patterns and are roughly the same size. So, how do you tell them apart?

The quickest way to tell from sight is the tail: Cardigan corgis are left with their tail intact, while most breeders typically dock the Pembroke's. Cardigans also have more rounded ears, and Pembroke's are usually more pointed.


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