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Mini Goldendoodles: The Right Dog For You?

Mini Goldendoodles: The Right Dog For You?

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A crossbreed between miniature poodles and golden retrievers, the mini Goldendoodle is a wildly popular pet. Their small stature and adorable faces have won the hearts of many dog lovers. As with any dog breed, however, Goldendoodles have unique needs, characteristics, and personalities that match better with some homes than others.


They're loyal, friendly, and intelligent

Mini golden doodle puppy playing with a tennis ball in the kitchen

In many ways, a mini Goldendoodle is an ideal family pet. They get along well with children and other pets. Like their golden retriever parents, they're often friendly and eager to please. These dogs love to play and can be highly intelligent. They can be very gentle, warm, and loving to their human companions.


In need of obedience training

Miniature Goldendoodle puppy sitting on city Park bench. nycshooter / Getty Images

Because of their high intelligence, mini Goldendoodles crave intellectual exercise and walks, and playtime. If they're not trained, they can be mischievous and destructive. Luckily, mini Goldendoodles tend to enjoy obedience training. They like to please, enjoy challenges, and are often excited when they master a new task. Training still requires work, time, and consistency, and it's important for potential owners to consider their resources.


And need exercise

Miniature Golden doodle playing fetch nycshooter / Getty Images

Mini Goldendoodles are moderately energetic dogs. They are not necessarily a good match for a home with a slow-going routine or where they would need to stay at home alone for long periods of time. Daily play and the chance to socialize are extremely important for mini Goldendoodles to be happy and well-behaved. Most need at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, though the exact amount varies from dog to dog.


A hypoallergenic breed

Miniature Golden Doodle Puppy Asleep with his Owner Spiderplay / Getty Images

While no dog is entirely hypoallergenic for all people, poodles have a curly coat that rarely sheds. People who are generally allergic to dog dander may find that mini Goldendoodles don't trigger their allergies. Some are even trained as service dogs for people with allergies. This may not help if the person is allergic to dog urine or low-shedding dogs.


That needs plenty of grooming

Young apricot coloured miniature poodle puppy seen at 8 weeks old. Nickbeer / Getty Images

Because mini Goldendoodles don't shed as often as other dog breeds, owners will need to spend extra time brushing and combing their coats. This prevents painful knots and tangles. It's recommended to comb out the coat once a day.


They're an investment

Miniature Golden Doodle Puppy Sitting on Owner's Lap Spiderplay / Getty Images

Purchasing a mini Goldendoodle from a breeder can cost $900-2400 or more. Some people choose to adopt, but the breed's popularity means there may not be many available. This price reflects the popularity of the breed and the money and care that responsible breeders put into breeding healthy puppies.


And varied

Miniature goldendoodle puppy running in a dog park nycshooter / Getty Images

A first-generation or F1 mini Goldendoodle has a purebred toy poodle father and a purebred golden retriever mother. Mini Goldendoodles can also be half mini Goldendoodle and half poodle or golden retriever, or they can be bred from two mini Goldendoodles. Specific ancestry doesn't necessarily affect size or temperament, but breeders should be transparent about the health and breed of the parents.


At risk for certain health issues

Dog resting his head on his owners binder and papers which are on the dining table. Spiderplay / Getty Images

Purebred golden retrievers have one of the highest rates of cancer of all dog breeds, and that vulnerability to cancer can be passed on. Hip dysplasia and teeth issues are also common. Anyone looking to care for a mini Goldendoodle will need to be prepared to see a doggie dentist and veterinarian, to potentially pay veterinary bills for these issues and monitor their pet's health.


They're great apartment dogs

Mini goldendoodle

The average mini Goldendoodle weighs 15-35 pounds. The exact size depends on the size of their poodle parents; there are also larger standard Goldendoodles and smaller teacup Goldendoodles. Mini Goldendoodles can comfortably live in smaller spaces than a standard Goldendoodle or retriever, but they will need exercise, playtime, and training to make sure they don't get bored.


It's important to seek out a reputable breeder

Close-up of miniature goldendoodle puppy nycshooter / Getty Images

Golden retrievers and miniature poodles are different-sized dogs, and it's easy to breed them together in ways that endanger the health of the parents and the puppies. People should be wary of breeders who are selling mini Goldendoodles for an unusually cheap price or without providing proper information about the dog's heritage and health. A responsible breeder should be transparent and knowledgeable about their dogs' health and well-being


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