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Meet the World's Most Loyal Canine Companions

Meet the World's Most Loyal Canine Companions

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It's no small secret that dogs add joy and excitement to our everyday lives. We can't wait for a sloppy kiss from our favorite Fido or spending a day at the park tossing the ball around. Even in our most miserable moments, man's best friend always finds a way to come through, revealing that friendship can take many forms. If you're seeking loyalty, however, some canine companions are better than others. Discover popular breeds that still stay devoted 'till death do us part.



Young woman playing with a Border Collie dog in the park Xsandra / Getty Images

Lassie isn't the only loyal collie out there; the breed is well regarded for its dedication. Originating in Scotland in the 19th century, these caring companions came along for the ride as sheep herders did their thing, protecting the flock every step of the way. They remain devoted to their families, highly social, sensitive, and have an innate understanding of human emotions. In other words, feel free to curl up next to your collie the next time you have a bad day; he'll get where you're coming from and brighten it right up! Even better, these pups are playful, protective, and have a natural affinity for kids.


German Shepherds

Man lying on grass with two German Shepherds ozgurdonmaz / Getty Images

German Shepherds were bred to obey their owners, and they rank 3rd in the world for intelligence among dogs. With smarts, devotion, and a robust instinct to learn, these four-legged friends are excellent for training, spending leisure time with, or assigning a job to, such as protection — this is why they make great police dogs! Your German Shepherd will stay by your side no matter what the cost, remaining loyal and obedient while working hard to learn new skills that will satisfy you. It's a win-win situation.


Labrador Retrievers

family with dog

Retrievers are a popular choice among families, and it's easy to see why. Wherever the day takes you, these canine companions will always come back home. They get along with just about everyone, making them a welcome addition to the clan. Not only that, but they immerse themselves into the family unit with boundless love, affection, happy energy, and lots of loyalty. Rather than staying dedicated to an individual, they spread their affection equally among every family member, from the tiniest tot to the wisest elder.


Great Pyrenees

Young woman petting one happy white Great Pyrenees dog outside at home porch of log cabin ablokhin / Getty Images

These courageous guard dogs are as big on love and affection as they are in size. The Great Pyrenees' are superbly floofy, yes, but they're so much more. Spend a weekend away, and you'll return to a satisfied pile of fur. Characteristically, they're territorial and protective, so they want to make sure you're always doing okay. If you're stressed and worried, don't be surprised if your four-legged friend pulls up next to you with a grin. They're also loyal, calm, gentle, and devoted to their owners, making them a welcome addition to any household. If only you could find the human version, right?



woman using laptop and headphones with her boxer dog at home FOTOGRAFIA INC. / Getty Images

It might surprise some dog lovers, but boxers are more than just watchdogs. These friendly companions stay on alert, so they'll guide both yourself and your household while you're at home, across the street, or around the world. Since they're wary of strangers, they're always on the lookout for danger that could potentially harm their best friend — you. In other words, boxers will always look out for you from the minute you bring them home. Bring on the welcome banners.



man with this Rottweiler dog outdoors fotografixx / Getty Images

They might look intimidating from the outside, but Rottweilers are one of the most loyal dog breeds out there. Strongly protective, they're always on guard around strangers, looking out for their owners over themselves. Once you get to know them, they show boundless loyalty and love, covering you in cuddles and boosting your spirits every time you step in the door. Whether you're seeking protection or affection, rottweilers offer you the whole package wrapped up with a fluffy ribbon.



Smiling husband holding dog while eating breakfast with wife Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

You've heard stories about these petite pooches rescuing their owners from burglars or animal attacks, and there's a big reason why: loyalty. What they lack in size, these constant companions make up for in love and attention. Protective and proactive, they help their humans stay safe while remaining clever, lively, and courageous in the face of obstacles, no matter how severe. These smart sausage dogs are the ones you want around during good times and bad; you might be surprised how much impact that sweet little smile can have.


Golden Retrievers

Young happy family enjoying with their golden retriever at home. skynesher / Getty Images

These go-to family dogs are popular for many reasons, and loyalty is just one of them. Bred as hunting dogs, dedication to a single person or family is in its nature, as is staying active and happy regardless of circumstances. Golden retrievers are joyful, lively, friendly, and able to detect human emotions, as few other breeds can. They'll stay by your side through thick and thin, and they're smiley and eager to please. A golden retriever might be a wonderful fit if you're seeking a service or therapy dog as your constant companion.



woman cuddling with chihuahua on the couch zGel / Getty Images

Chihuahuas are pack animals, so they're born and bred to form close bonds. As soon as you bring your fluffy friend home, they'll look up to you as a member of their pack, and that protective instinct will kick in. Not only that, but they'll bring you constant warmth, comfort, and unspoken loyalty that lasts till the end. Chihuahuas form close attachments to their owners, waiting for you when you arrive home or guiding you to safety when you're lost. Unlike other breeds, they form close attachments to a single person rather than a family, making them true partners in life.


Yorkshire Terriers

woman kisses Yorkshire Terrier

Prepare for miles of miles with these friendly four-legged friends. Highly sociable and optimistic, these extroverts love seeing their owners happy, and they'll do everything possible to make that happen. They're incredibly eager to please and will take on new skills with full force, so if you want a teachable, trainable, and highly lovable pal, a Yorkshire Terrier might be the perfect fit.


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