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Laidback Lazy Dog Breeds That Love to Lay Around

Laidback Lazy Dog Breeds That Love to Lay Around

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Some dogs have so much energy they need regular walks, exercise, and mental stimulation. These dogs are a good fit with the right owner, but not everyone's lifestyle is suited to a super-active dog. If you're more laid back and spend more time on the sofa than you do outside, don't worry. There's still a dog breed out there that's a perfect fit for you.


Saint Bernard

A tired Saint Bernard dog relaxes on a hardwood floor indoors. Purple Collar Pet Photography / Getty Images

Saint Bernards may be best known for their impressive alpine rescues, but this breed is more of a couch potato than an adventurer. They're lazy and like to lay around most of the day, but they still need about 30 minutes of exercise to stay healthy. These pups love to go outside, but after a half-hour or so of serious play, they're ready for a nap.


Basset hound

Basset Hound puppy dog sits on couch at home Cavan Images / Getty Images

Basset hounds are well known for their short stubby legs and long droopy ears. They love to lounge and cuddle and spend most of their day napping. This breed is also pretty laid back and doesn't get excited about much, which makes them a good choice for someone who wants a dog that isn't high maintenance, as long as you don't mind wiping up drool.



a small Italian greyhound lies on a window sill premat / Getty Images

Greyhounds are probably best known for racing, so many people are surprised to learn that this breed is actually pretty lazy. There's no doubting that greyhounds are fast, but they don't have a lot of endurance. Greyhounds love to run around a fenced-in yard and may get the zoomies every once in a while, but they'll likely spend most of their time curled up next to you on the couch.


French bulldog

French Bulldog lying down on sofa Tetra Images - Jessica Peterson / Getty Images

French bulldogs are a popular breed because not only are they adorable, but they're also low-maintenance. This breed is a good choice for apartment dwellers. Frenchies are small, they don't bark or shed a lot, and they don't need a lot of exercise. A quick walk or two around the block a day is enough to keep them happy.


Bernese mountain dog

Bernese Mountain Dog lying on the sofa Jena Ardell / Getty Images

Technically, the Bernese mountain dog is a working breed, but their calm nature and sweet, laidback attitude make them an excellent choice for people who prefer a lazy dog. They'll stay healthy with a few long walks a day and will spend the rest of their time cuddling and couch surfing.



Close up of a happy Bichon Havanese puppy dog is lying in front of a Christmas tree lights Dorottya_Mathe / Getty Images

Havanese are sweet, gentle dogs that love to be pampered by their people. They're great with children and other pets. This breed has adorable floppy ears and a curled tail, and its long fur makes it look like a stuffed animal. Because of its small size and energy level, a Havanese will only need about 30 minutes of daily exercise and prefers slow-paced walks to hard play.



white pomeranian puppt lying on a sofa sutichak / Getty Images

Pomeranians are small, spunky lap dogs that seem like they might have a lot of energy, but they're actually pretty lazy. Poms are loud guard dogs that will make their presence known, but they don't need a lot of exercise. They're extremely cute, but they're assertive and don't have a lot of patience for children or other dogs, which means they may not be a good fit for every home.



Maltese dog looking at the camera Raquel Artero / Getty Images

Maltese are ideal for apartments because they don't need much exercise. They're a toy breed, with most weighing less than seven pounds. People love them not only because they're adorable but also because they are very mild-tempered. Although they're lazy and don't have a lot of exercise needs, Maltese were bred as companion dogs and can experience separation anxiety when left alone for too long. In other words, they don't need a lot of activity, but they do need a lot of cuddles.


Cavalier King Charles spaniels

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is lying on a bright green sofa among pillows

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are a small, low-key breed that loves to lay around and get lots of love and affection. This breed is an ideal family dog and is gentle, graceful, and more than a little bit lazy. They only need about an hour of physical activity a day to stay healthy, and they love to take short walks outside.


Boston terrier

Boston Terrier Puppy with Big Ears Indoors on Couch with Pillows JoeChristensen / Getty Images

Boston terriers can adapt to just about any living situation and are often called the gentlemen of the dog world, in part because their unique black and white coloring makes them look like they're wearing a tuxedo. They're easy to train, love their people, and only need a short walk or two every day to stay in shape


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