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Canine Mini-Mes Who Resemble Their Owners

Canine Mini-Mes Who Resemble Their Owners

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Head to your local park, and you'll notice an unmistakable phenomenon — canine mini-mes that resemble their owners to a tee. From the same stunning eyes to coordinating coifs, people choose dogs who mimic themselves, and this similarity has been scientifically proven again and again. In an assortment of studies, strangers have effortlessly matched owners and their canine companions without a second glance and with zero additional clues. Our favorite pairings show just how much humans and their two-legged life partners share in common, perfect for paging through with your own playful pup.


Sleeping beauties

This adorable duo is slumbering in style in matching tees, but their mannerisms are even sweeter. The closed lids, full lashes, light smile, and even the eyebrows — this is truly a match made in heaven. This gleeful chihuahua loves to dress up and cuddle next to her owner, and that couldn't be more clear here. With a full matching wardrobe, a photo album of these two couldn't be cuter.

dog and owner sleeping @JAMSXD on Twitter


Women in white

This dream team hit the streets with coordinated coifs, fully prepared for a full day of shopping. Those puffy white perrms are nearly identical, and with both lovely ladies focused on that shop window, even their facial expressions align. Maybe they're on the hunt for a miniature black jacket? Talk about a #whiteperm moment.

woman and dog both with matching hair John Paul Hunter / Instagram


Why the long faces?

This playful basset hound and his owner stroll through the streets in coordinating colors. We're not sure if that brown, black, and white ensemble was intentional, but the similarities are uncanny. Long faces and an exhausted demeanor coordinate as much their outfits, making this duo a match made in heaven. Now, we're kind of curious if this fellow has a full wardrobe to match his canine companion. Who's ready to play paparazzi?


Those pouts though

This pug thought a wide-eyed frown would get him his way but little did he know, his owner had the one-up. With wide eyes and an upside-down smile, this hilarious owner's response couldn't be better. Those perfect pouts match perfectly, but the real question is: who won this argument — man or pup?


Arctic eyes

The best part of this photo? There's way more than one of them. Liam Rice went viral by sharing a hilarious photo series on his social media pages, revealing just how much he and his dog Luna have in common. Both man and husky have ravishing blue-grey eyes, model-like looks, and a clever expression. There's no debating the resemblance here, and we can easily see why they've become internet icons.


Two perfect

What's the likelihood that a woman and her dog both have heterochromia? Not high. This incredibly rare condition results in two different colored eyes, but the chance of them being the same in both individuals? Even rarer, which is what makes this photo all the more fascinating. Not only does this duo have one brown and one blue eye, but they're on the same sides too! That's a bond that you don't find every day.

woman and pet dog with both different eye color AnthonyNapkins / Imgur


That hair, those eyes...

Social media sensation Topher Brody didn't gain his stardom solo; he's bolstered his Ausiedoodle, Rosenberg, to fame by sharing hysterical photos of their similarities. Handsome and hazel-eyed, both boys share the same shaggy haircut, bushy eyebrows, and an innocent expression that is bound to woo audiences. If that little guy wanders off, at least it won't be hard matching him up with his owner!


Prideful pairing

This playful pooch is all about self-expression, mimicking her owner's vibe to a tee. The pair hit the streets in full color, embracing the rainbow look with coordinating dye jobs. From that colorful beard to the fluffy fur with aqua bows, these two went all out. Man's best friend even matched the red in her hair with the red in her owner's tank, making this duo the star of the show. They were happy to pose for photos, and we're curious which looks this fashionable pair will come up with next!


Matchy-matchy duo

While most grandmas just stick with matching accessories, this one wasn't afraid to think outside the box. This woman and her Maltese got all dolled up for a wedding, and we're sure they took home that "best guest" award. From a pearl necklace on the Mrs. to a pink silk bow on her companion, these two couldn't be better dressed for the occasion. If they're ready to RSVP, we might just add them to our guest list too!

senior woman and dog matching white Amanda M. Mitchell


Black and white bond

A twinning moment? We couldn't approve more. This dynamic duo channeled their inner Cruella with coordinating black and white coifs. Did this woman dye her locks to match her fluffy companion, or did she seek out one that matched her unique 'do? The world may never know, but we're loving this look. From the subway to Central Park, this pair makes matching fashion look effortless.


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