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Are Carrots Good for Dogs?

Are Carrots Good for Dogs?

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The short answer is, "Yes! Carrots are good for dogs." Carrots are a healthy addition to a dog's diet, especially for a dog that may need to lose a little weight. The vitamins and nutrients in carrots support good eyesight and bone health. Carrots are a high-fiber, low-calorie snack that also aids in digestion. Talk to your vet about the best way to add carrots to your dog's diet and read on to find out how carrots are good for dogs.


Carrots Are Full of Vitamins

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Dogs need many of the same vitamins and nutrients as people, and carrots pack them in. Carrots are one of the greatest vegetable sources for vitamin A, which supports a healthy, strong skeletal system. An active dog may be prone to injuries so strong bones are important.

Carrots also provide antioxidants for a healthy immune system and a variety of other vitamins. Keep your dog in top shape with an occasional carrot snack.


Carrots Support Healthy Eyes and Vision

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Carrots are loaded with beta-carotene, vitamin K and a host of other vitamins and antioxidants that improve a dog's vision and keep him seeing sharply. Dogs rely heavily on their sense of vision, especially if they are working dogs or if they like to play fetch. Dogs can't wear glasses, so feed yours some carrots to help keep their vision tiptop.


A Healthy Treat Alternative

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Not all dog treats are created equal. As people, we like to indulge in sugary, fatty snacks, and dogs are no different. But if your vet thinks your dog needs to lose some weight, carrots are a great way to achieve that. When cooked, carrots have a sweetness that appeals to many dogs, making them an ideal low-calorie dog dessert.


Good Dental Health

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A hard, crunchy carrot promotes healthy teeth and gums for dogs, just like some dog biscuits claim, but carrots are less expensive and provide other health benefits as well. Some people even give frozen carrots to teething puppies. Just like with human babies, though, puppies need to be watched carefully for choking hazards while gnawing a frozen carrot.


Benefits of Raw Carrots

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Raw carrots provide dogs with a satisfying crunch and can promote good dental health as well. Larger dogs may be able to handle a whole carrot as a chew toy, while smaller dogs may need their carrots cut up into smaller chunks to avoid choking. For some dogs, grated carrot may be gentler on their stomachs. A dog's stomach can't always digest raw carrot efficiently, so see which method works best for your dog.


Benefits of Cooked Carrots

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Cooking makes carrots a little sweeter and also breaks down some of the elements that are more difficult for a dog's stomach to digest. Rather than adding oil and roasting them, steam or boil some carrots then serve as soft chunks or mashed. Cooked carrots are greatly mixed into your dog's favorite dinner to add vitamins and nutrients without the calories and without taxing her digestion system.


Carrot Juice

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Dogs who are in need of nutrients but have delicate digestive systems may prefer carrot juice. Carrot juice provides most of the same health benefits as whole carrots but it is gentler on the stomachs of puppies and older dogs. If you have a juicer, consider using it to make drinks for the furry members of your household as well.


Carrots Aid in Digestion

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The fiber found in carrots helps promote a healthy digestive tract. Dogs need a certain amount of fiber in conjunction with all the protein they eat in order to keep their bodies running smoothly. Carrots are an easy, tasty way to give your dog the fiber she needs without all the additives in dog biscuits.


Don't Overdo It

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While just enough fiber is beneficial to dogs, too much of it can cause gastrointestinal distress. Dogs can't always digest raw carrots and eventually, they may cause harm to the digestive process. Also, dogs need a high-protein diet so too many carrots without enough meat or other protein source may result in a less-energetic, less-healthy furry friend.


Yes, Carrots Are Good for Dogs!

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From improved eyesight to healthy digestion, carrots can be just as good for dogs as they are for people. Cooked, raw or juiced depending on a dog's needs, carrots make a great addition to a dog-food diet. Enjoy life with your furry friends, and enjoy a snack of carrot sticks together, too!


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