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Adorable Dogs with Long Ears

Adorable Dogs with Long Ears

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Every dog breed has a defining feature; for some, it's long ears.  Some might think a dog with long ears looks dopey or silly, but don't believe these false assumptions. Most of these breeds are brilliant hunters, and all of them are adorable. Consider one of these beautiful breeds if you prefer a dog with long ears.


Basset hound

Basset hounds have long ears and short, stout bodies that make them one of the most recognizable breeds out there. Their ears usually fall close to the ground, helping them pick up and follow scents to stay on the small game like rabbits. Basset hounds love to play and hunt, but they make great family pets. They truly are a big dog on short legs.

basset hound ears dageldog / Getty Images



Bloodhound dog looking at camera

Bloodhounds are known for their sharp ability to follow a scent, but their long ears and wrinkly faces help them in the pursuit. These big dogs are loving, gentle, and affectionate with their families. They're extremely active and need a lot of daily exercise. Bloodhounds should always be walked on a leash because if they catch a scent that interests them, they will follow it.


English setter

Brown and white english setter

English setters are easygoing dogs that are friendlier than most other types of setters. These dogs were bred to hunt, and when they see a bird, they lean forward point to it with one paw raised in the air. They need a home with a fenced-in yard to explore, so they stay active without wandering off, looking for prey.



Poodles have a reputation for being elegant and regal, but they were bred to hunt waterfowl and, while they still have those instincts, they can also be playful and goofy. This is one of the most intelligent breeds out there, and they need a lot of daily mental and physical stimulation. If not, they're likely to get themselves in trouble trying to ward off boredom.

standard poodle hunting ttretjak / Getty Images


Irish setter

Irish setters are recognizable for their red coats, but their long ears are quite impressive, too. These friendly dogs were developed to hunt birds, and it's an instinct they haven't lost. Irish setters need at least an hour of vigorous activity every day and can get separation anxiety if they're away from their people for too long. They're smart but extremely independent and mischievous, so they can be difficult to train.

irish setter bird dog glenkar / Getty Images


Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italianos are also known as Italian pointers. They're hunting dogs and use their long ears to catch the scent of small game and birds, but they're also extremely friendly. A Bracco Italiano needs a home with a big yard to run around in, and they love people. They're hard workers but also love to snuggle on the couch at the end of the day.

bracco italino breed olgagorovenko / Getty Images


Cocker spaniel

Cocker spaniels are adorable, and their long, wavy ears are just the icing on the cake. This extremely popular breed has a gentle, loving temperament and loves nothing more than being a part of a family. They're small, easy to train, and suitable for any home, even a small apartment or condo.

cocker spaniel cute Karan Kapoor / Getty Images


Black and tan coonhound

Another hunting breed that uses its long ears to track prey is the black and tan coonhound. They primarily hunt small game like raccoons but have been known to go after everything from deer to bears. Black and tans have a lot of energy and need a decent daily workout, so they don't do well in apartments. They love to go for runs with their owners or a long walk, but are love to relax but cuddling on their owner's lap at the end of the day.

black tan coonhound aMikeK / Getty Images


Afghan hound

Afghan hounds are a unique and recognizable breed for their long ears, long coat, and thin, exotic build. The breed requires significant grooming, and they're extremely active, so they need a lot of daily exercise. That said, they're also adaptable, affectionate, and loving and make a good pet for any family.

afghan hound coat JerzyC / Getty Images



Red Long-haired grown up adult Dachshund portrait

Dachshunds are most recognizable for their unique body type, but their long, floppy ears add to their charm. This breed was designed for hunting small game, digging tunnels, and chasing after badgers and other animals. They're brave, stubborn, and playful. Dachshunds are smart and love to be a part of the family. The breed is not shy and is a great choice for apartment dwellers or those without a large backyard.


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